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Selected Recent Publications

  • Zhou, H., E. Perfect, B.G. Li, and Y.Z. Lu. Effects of bit depth on the multifractal analysis of grayscale images. Fractals 18:127-138 Download (962KB)
  • Leão, T.P., E. Perfect, and J.S. Tyner.  Estimation of soil water content using a 50 MHz impedance sensor: Soil texture, structure and salinity interactions. Trans. ASABE  53:163-170 Download (1.03 MB)
  • Zhuang, J., N. Goeppert, C. Tu, J.F. McCarthy, E. Perfect, and L.D. McKay. 2010. Colloid transport with wetting fronts: Interactive effects of solution surface tension and ionic strength. Water Res. 44:1270-1278 Download (610 KB)
  • Zhuang, J., J.S. Tyner, and E. Perfect. 2009. Colloid transport and remobilization in porous media during infiltration and drainage. J. Hydrol. 377:112-119. Download (424 KB)
  • Perfect, E., A.M. Tarquis, and N.R. Bird. 2009. Accuracy of generalized dimensions estimated from grayscale images using the method of moments. Fractals 17:365-385 Download (876 KB)
  • van den Berg, E.H., E. Perfect, C. Tu, P.S.K. Knappett, T.P. Leao, and R.W. Donat. 2009. Unsaturated hydraulic conductivity measurements with centrifuges: A review. Vadose Zone J. 8:531-547 Download (1488 KB)
  • Cihan, A., J.S. Tyner, and E. Perfect. 2009. Predicting relative permeability from water retention: A direct approach based on fractal geometry. Water Resour. Res. 45, W04404, doi:10.1029/2008WR007038 Download (448 KB)
  • Perfect, E., Y. Pachepsky, and M.A. Martín. 2009. Fractal and multifractal models applied to porous media. Vadose Zone J. 8:174-176 Download (492 KB)
  • Cihan, A., M.C. Sukop, J.S. Tyner, E. Perfect, and H. Huang. 2009. Analytical predictions and lattice Boltzmann simulations of intrinsic permeability for mass fractal porous media. Vadose Zone J. 8:187-196 Download (1386 KB)
  • Koirala, S.R., R.W. Gentry, E. Perfect, J.S. Schwartz, and G.S. Sayler. 2008. Temporal variation and persistence of bacteria in streams. J. Environ. Qual. 37:1559-1566 Download (1206 KB)
  • Koirala, S. R., E. Perfect, R. W. Gentry, and J. W. Kim. 2008. Effective saturated hydraulic conductivity of two-dimensional random multifractal fields. Water Resour. Res., 44, W08410 Download (1486 KB)
  • Tang, G., E. Perfect, E.H. van den Berg, M.A. Mayes, and J.C. Parker. 2008. Estimating effective hydraulic parameters of unsaturated layered sediments using a Cantor bar composite medium model. Vadose Zone J. 7:493-499 Download (1010 KB)
  • Logsdon, S.D., E. Perfect, and A.M. Tarquis. 2008. Multiscale soil investigations: Physical concepts and mathematical techniques. Vadose Zone J. 7:453-455 Download (492 KB)
  • Kenst, A., E. Perfect, S.W. Wilhelm, J. Zhuang, J.F. McCarthy, and L.D. McKay. 2008. Virus transport during infiltration of a wetting front into initially unsaturated sand columns. Environmental Sci. and Techn. 42:1102-1108 Download (465 KB)
  • Zhuang, J., J.F. McCarthy, E. Perfect, L.M. Mayer, and J.D. Jastrow. 2008. Soil water hysteresis in water-stable microaggregates as affected by organic matter. Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J. 72:212-220 Download (656 KB)
  • Roy, A., E. Perfect, W.M. Dunne, and L.D. McKay. 2007. Fractal characterization of fracture networks: An improved box-counting technique. J. Geophys. Res. 112:B12201, doi:10.1029/2006JB004582 Download (892 KB)
  • Cihan, A., E. Perfect, and J.S. Tyner. 2007. Water retention models for scale- variant and scale-invariant drainage of mass prefractal porous media. Vadose Zone J. 6:786-792, doi: 10.2136/vzj2007.0062 Download (998 KB)
  • Zhuang J., J.F. McCarthy, J.S.Tyner, E. Perfect, and M. Flury. 2007. In-situ colloid mobilization in Hanford sediments under unsaturated transient flow conditions: Effect of irrigation pattern. Environmental Sci. and Techn. 41:3199-3204. Download (176 KB)
  • Munkholm, L.J., E. Perfect, and J. Grove. 2007. Incorporation of water content in the Weibull model for soil aggregate strength. Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J. 71:682-691. Download (632 KB)
  • Díaz-Zorita, M., J.H. Grove, and E. Perfect. 2007. Sieving duration and sieve loading impacts on dry soil fragment size distributions. Soil Tillage Res. 94:15-20. Download (263 KB)
  • Kim, J.-W., E. Perfect, and H. Choi. 2007. Anomalous diffusion in two-dimensional Euclidean and prefractal geometrical models of heterogeneous porous media, Water Resour. Res. 43: W01405, doi:101029/2006WR004951. Download (1,027 KB)
  • Tanner, B.R., E. Perfect, and J.T. Kelly. 2006. Fractal analysis of Maine’s glaciated shoreline tests established coastal classification scheme. J. Coastal Res. 22:1300-1304. Download (260 KB)
  • Perfect, E., R.W. Gentry, M.C. Sukop, and J.E. Lawson. 2006. Multifractal Sierpinski carpets: theory and application to upscaling effective saturated hydraulic conductivity. Geoderma 134:2410-252. Download (526 KB)
  • Ojeda, G., E. Perfect, J.M. Alcañiz, and O. Ortiz. 2006. Fractal analysis of soil water hysteresis as influenced by sewage sludge application. Geoderma 134:386-401. Download (546 KB)
  • Perfect, E. 2005. Modeling the primary drainage curve of prefractal porous media. Vadose Zone J. 4:959-966. Download (217 KB)
  • Munkholm, L., and E. Perfect. 2005. Brittle fracture of soil aggregates: Weibull models and methods of parameter estimation. Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J. 69:1565-1571. Download (150 KB)
  • Leao, T.P., A.P. da Silva, E. Perfect, and C.S. Tormena. 2005. An algorithm for calculating the least limiting water range of soils. Agron. J. 97:1210-1215. Download (212 KB)
  • Díaz-Zorita, M., J.H. Grove, and E. Perfect. 2005. Soil fragment size distribution and compactive effort effects on maize seedling root elongation in moist soil. Crop Sci. 45:1417-1426. Download (565 KB)
  • Martín, M.A., Y. Pachepsky, and E. Perfect. 2005. Editorial: Scaling, fractals and diversity in soils and ecohydrology. Ecol. Modell. 182(3-4): 217-220. Download (48 KB)
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