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Enrollment Services

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Mission & Goals

The Office of Enrollment Services comprises Undergraduate Admissions, Financial Aid and Scholarships, Office of the University Registrar, and One Stop Express Student Services. We are committed to making UT a national premier flagship/land-grant institution and to make it the best institution it can be for the citizens of the state. We will work to admit and enroll a diverse freshman class that will contribute to the quality of student life and graduate to become productive citizens. We will work to make education affordable to the citizens of this state and breakdown financial barriers that prevent talented in state students from attending the University. We will work with the Office of the Provost to promote retention and graduation efforts. We will optimize the use of technology and provide outstanding student services so that students can spend more time pursuing academic endeavors. We will work with the Office of the Provost and provide leadership in the domain of enrollment and continue to find ways to increase diversity, access, and student quality.

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Richard Bayer
Enrollment Services
305 Student Services Building
1331 Circle Park Drive
Knoxville, TN 37996-0210
Phone: (865) 974-2105
Fax: (865) 974-3851