The University of Tennessee, Knoxville


Are you interested in developing a diverse set of skills that sets you up for a variety of career paths? If so, my research group may be the place for you. Our group focuses on "blue sky science," developing novel, first-ever technologies to support grand challenges in science and technology. Our skill set covers semiconductor device physics, semiconductor and scintillator application engineering, data processing and algorithm development, and nuclear battery technology. Our research is interdisciplinary, resulting in collaborative research across many fields and institutions, from academia to industry. If you are interested in developing a skill set applicable to a wide array of career paths, email Dr. Eric Lukosi at elukosi@utk.edu. The links at the top of the page provide further details on the people, facilities, active research projects, and presentations and publications resulting from our research.

Open Positions Currently Available!

Postdoctoral research position is currently available. More information about this position may be found here.

Multiple graduate and undergraduate research assistant positions are available in Dr. Lukosi's research group! Interested applicants are requested to investigate the Research tab and email Dr. Eric Lukosi at elukosi@utk.edu.