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Environmental Health & Safety


Safety Manual

Safety manual listed by policy below. Click here for safety manual listed alphabetically.

General Safety (GS), Fire Safety (FS), Environmental Compliance (EC), Hazardous Materials Management (HM)

Name of Policy, Procedure, or Guide Document Number
Lockout/Tagout GS 5
Bloodborne pathogens GS 10
Respiratory Protection GS 15
Hearing Conservation Program GS 20
Safety Training GS 25
Actions of Regulatory Agencies GS 30
Accident Investigations GS 35
Accident and Injury Reporting GS 38
Safety Policies, Procedures, and Written Plans GS 40
Records Retention for Safety, Health & Environmental Protection GS 43
Confined Space Entry GS 45
Electrical Safety GS 50
Portable Space Heater GS 53
Portable Fans GS 55
Office Safety GS 60
Motor Vehicle Safety GS 65
Ladder Safety GS 73
Fall Protection GS 75
Slip, Trip, and Fall Preventions GS 77
Hazard Surveillance GS 80
Offsite Safety GS 85
Events Management Guide GS 88
Machine Guarding GS 90
Student Shop Safety GS 92
Minors in Laboratories and Shops GS 93
Personal Protective Equipment GS 95
Reporting Safety Hazards GS 100
Imminent Danger GS 102
Heat Stress GS 105
Reproductive Health GS 110
Non-ionizing Radiation GS 115
Trenching and Shoring GS 123
Welding Cutting and Brazing GS 125
Alternative Vehicles GS 130
Forklift Safety GS 132
AEDs GS 145
University of Tennessee Safety Plan GS 150
Decorations (Fire Prevention) FS 3
Fire Drills FS 5
Hot Work Permits FS 15
Fire Watch FS 20
Fire Extinguishers FS 30
Flammable and Combustible Liquids FS 45
Hazardous Waste Management Plan EC 1
Hazardous Waste Contingency Plan EC 3
Chemical Inventories EC 5
Hazardous Waste Reduction Plan EC 10
Recycling and Waste Reduction Plan EC 20
Electronic Waste Policy EC 21
Universal Waste Management Policy EC 22
Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasures Plan EC 25
Steam Plant Storm Water pollition Prevention Plan EC 30
Mercury Reduction Policy EC 43
Asbestos Management Plan EC 45
Lead Management Plan EC 50
Pesticide Management Plan EC 55
Environmental Inspections and Audits EC 60
Compliance Management Systems EC 65
Rags and Absorbent Disposal EC 70
Chemical Hygiene Plan HM 5
Hazard Communication HM 10
Compressed Gases and Cryogenics HM 15
Safety Showers and Eyewashes HM 20
Local Exhaust Ventillation HM 22
Chemical Fume Hoods HM 25
Air Monitoring HM 30
Chemicals Requiring Approval for Use HM 45
Controlled Substances HM 47
Laboratory Door Placards HM 55
Dangerous Goods (HazMat Shipping) HM 56
Lab Health and Safety Policy LS-1
Lab Audit Protocol LS-2
Laboratory Closeout Procedure LS-3




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