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Mary Ziegler, Ed.D.

Associate Professor & Program Coordinator: Educational Psychology and Research – Adult Learning Program

Ed.D.   Columbia University, New York, 1995 – Adult Education
M.A.     Columbia University, New York, 1993 – Adult Education
M.A.     Tampa, Florida, 1980 – Rehabilitative Counseling

Research Interests

Learning contexts for adults such as learning online or in the workplace, transformative learning, adult literacy, and qualitative research methods.

Recent Publications – 2008 – 2011 (Articles, book chapters, proceedings)

Holt, L., & Ziegler, M.  F. (in press). Promoting team learning in the classroom. International Journal of Adult Vocational Education and Technology (accepted for publication January 4, 2011).

Ziegler, M. F., Kirwan, J., and Smeltzer, R. (in press). Tenets of community leadership. Technology and Its Impact on Educational Leadership: Innovation and Change (accepted for publication March 19, 2011).

Davis, C.A., Mottern, R., & Ziegler, M.F. (2010, June 3-6). "It's like a prison without bars": Experiences in a mandatory GED program. In Gandy, P., Tieszen, S., Taylor-Hunt, C., Flowers, D., and Sheared, V. (2010). 51st Adult Education Research Conference (AERC) and 3rd Western Region Research Conference on the Education of Adults (WRRCEA) Joint Conference Proceedings. (pp. 115-121). Sacramento, CA: California State University

Paulus, T. M., Woodside, M., & Ziegler. M. F.(2010). “I tell you, it’s a journey, isn’t it? Understanding collaborative meaning making in qualitative research. Qualitative Inquiry 16(10) 852-862.

Paulus, T., Ziegler, M. F. & Woodside, M. (2009). Understanding counselor education internship experiences from a communities of practice framework. Counselor Education and Supervision. 49(1), 20-38.

Ziegler, M. F. (2009). Three theoretical perspectives on informal learning at work. Handbook of Research on E-Learning Applications for Career and Technical Education: Technologies for Vocational Training (pp. 695-723). Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.

Ziegler, M.F., McCallum, R. S., & S.M. Bell (2009). Volunteer instructors in adult literacy: Who are they and what they know about reading instruction? Adult Basic Education and Literacy Journal.  3(3) 131-139.

Ziegler, M, & Mottern, R. (2009). Informal learning and performance. In K. P. King (Series Ed.) & V. C. X. Wang (Vol. Ed.), Adult education special topics: Theory, research and practice in lifelong learning: Fundamentals of human performance and training (pp. 111-126). Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.

Young, E., & Ziegler, M. F. (2008, June). A phenomenological study of the educational experiences of Black women: Learning as you go. Proceedings of the 49th Adult Education Research Conference, (pp. 102-108). St. Louis, MO: University of Missouri, St. Louis.

Pierce, C. A., & Ziegler, M. F. (2008, June). “For a moment I feel free”: Homeless women and a garden-based learning program. Proceedings of the 49th Adult Education Research Conference, (pp. 112-118). St. Louis, MO: University of Missouri, St. Louis.

Ziegler, M. F. (2008). Global curriculum models. In K. P. King & V. Wang (Eds.), Strategic approaches towards curriculum development for adult learners in the global community (pp. 221-243).  Melbourne, FL: Kreiger.

Ziegler, M. F., & Davis, D. C. (2008). Rural adult literacy in a community context: From the margin to the mainstream. In J. Ritchey, (Ed.), Rural adult education (pp. 25-35). New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

Paulus, T., Woodside, M. & Ziegler, M. F. (2008). Extending the conversation: Qualitative research as dialogic collaborative process. The Qualitative Report. 13(2), 226-243.

Courses Taught

EDY522 Adult Development
EDPY529 Facilitating Adult Learning
EDPY521 Program Development and Operations
EDPY524 Learning in the Workplace
EDPY622 Seminar in Advanced Adult Development
EDPY630 Pro-seminar in Adult Learning

Professional Memberships

American Association of Adult and Continuing Education
Commission of Professors of Adult Education
Commission of Adult Basic Education

Editorial Responsibilities

Associate Editor: Journal of Adult Vocational Education and Technology
Editorial Boards: Journal of Adult Basic Education and Literacy; Perspectives: The New York Journal of Adult Learning

Personal Interests and Hobbies

Being out in the mountains with family and friends is my favorite activity. I live in woods in Western North Carolina and even enjoy the weekly drive from Knoxville to Asheville. The trip is a great opportunity to admire the majesty of nature and listen to the latest bestseller or a favorite playlist. As a family we enjoy travelling to the Caribbean, especially for sailing and snorkeling.

Best way to reach me is email:

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Mary Ziegler
Contact Information

1122 Volunteer Boulevard
521 Jane and David Bailey Education Complex
Knoxville, TN 37996-3452

Phone: 865-974-0453
Fax: 865-974-0135

Contact EPC

535 Jane & David Bailey Education Complex
1122 Volunteer Boulevard
Knoxville, Tennessee 37996-3452

Phone: 865-974-8145
Fax: 865-974-0135