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Soil and Water Chemistry



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Dr. Michael E. Essington

Professor of Soil Chemistry


Institute of Agriculture

College of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources

Biosystems Engineering & Soil Science

2506 E.J. Chapman Dr.

Knoxville, TN 37996-4531

Voice: 865-974-7266

Fax: 865-974-4514


Campus Locations

 Office: 213 Biosystems Engineering & Environmental Science Building, Ag Campus

 Main Laboratory: 314 Ellington Plant Science Building, Ag Campus

Areas of Interest

 Thermodynamics of soil processes

 Influence of plant root and microbial exudates on rhizosphere chemistry

 Fate and behavior of anthropogenic substances in soil

 Stream sediment sourcing at the watershed scale

 Spatial and temporal variability of soil chemical properties

Courses Taught

 ESS 210, Introduction to Soil Science

 ESS 434, Environmental Soil Chemistry

 ESS 513, Advanced Soil Chemistry

 EPS 510, Clay Mineralogy

 ESS 613, Advanced Topics in Soil Chemistry and Fertility