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General Philosophy Sites
The American Philosophical Association
Department of Philosophy - University of Tennessee - Knoxville 
University of Kansas, Department of Philosophy
Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews
The Philosophical Calendar - Conferences, Calls for Papers, etc.
Current Philosophy Journal Issues - Contents - (Sinica Academia)
Current Philosophy Journal Issues - Contents (U. Mich.)
Episteme Philosophy Links
Noesis: Philosophy Research Online
Hippias: Philosophy Search Engine
Stanford Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
The Philosophical Lexicon
Online Books
Research Institute for the Humanities - Philosophy 
Philosophy in Cyberspace
Metaguide to Philosophy online
Philosophy Web Resources
Philosophy Research Resource Guide
VQuad.com - Philosophy Links 
David Hildebrand's Philosophy Resource Page
John Dewey Website
Course Materials in Philosophy 
Foundation for Critical Thinking
The Philosophers Magazine
Leiter's Blog - Leiter Reports
Ideas and Issues - from ETSU
Philosophy Quotes Archives
Bjorn's Guide To Philosophy 
Philosophers' Gourmet Report (Program Rankings, etc.)
Jobs in Philosophy - Resources
Social/Political/Ethics Sites
Ethics Updates Home Page
Brown Electronic Article Review Service (BEARS) 
Metaethics Bibliography
Applied Ethics Resources
UK Association for Legal and Social Philosophy
Council for Research in Values and Philosophy
Association for Practical and Professional Ethics
Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy
Crooked Timber Blog
Left2Right Blog
Foundations of Political Theory - APSA
Political Theory Daily
political theory and philosophy
political theory journals
Political Science journal links
The Institute for Philosophy and Public Policy
j_spot the Journal of Social and Political Thought
Bad Subjects: Political Education for Everyday Life
Political Philosophy: Libertarianism and Anarchism
Marxists Internet Archive 
Communitarian Network
Turn Left...the home of Liberalism 
Political Philosophy/Political Theory on the Internet 
Political Philosophy Resources 
An extensive index to political philosophy on the Net 
Pinky and The Brain's Political Theory and Philosophy Links 
Scholarly Journals in Political Science/Theory/Philosophy
Foundations in Political Theory, Am.Pol.Sci.Assn.
Materials on History of Political Thought
Political Theory Books
Rawls Page from ErraticImpact
Rawls Page from PolicyLibrary
Rawls Resources from the New School  
Human Rights Sites
UT Global Studies Initiative
UT Amnesty Int'l Chapter
Welcome to the UN. It's your world.
UN Human Rights
Council of Europe Human Rights Web 
European Convention on Human Rights - HUDOC
European Court of Human Rights
University of Minnesota Human Rights Library 
Human Rights Working Papers - Jack Donnelly
Columbia Univ. Center for Study of Human Rights 
Human Rights First
Harvard's Carr Center for Human Rights Policy
Human Rights Watch
Teaching Human Rights Online
Human Rights Resources
The Human Rights Web
Human Rights Internet Gateway
Urban Morgan Human Rights Institute
Amnesty Int'l
Lawyers Committee for Human Rights
Interights - Int'l Human Rights/Law Centre
Global Justice and US Foreign Policy
World Court Digest
United States Institute for Peace
Foreign Policy in Focus
The Global Site - Resources on Globalization/Global Studies
Globalization Website - Emory University
The International Forum on Globalization
World Policy
Third World Network
Commanding Heights - Info on the Global Economy
International Relations Research Resources
James Bissett - Balkan Crisis Page 
Dialogue-articles on Kosovo/Balkans
Global Exchange page
International Labor Organization
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Carnegie Council for Ethics and Int'l Affairs
Stratfor - Global Intelligence Service
World Federalist Movement
Global Policy Forum
Foreign Policy Association
Club of Rome (Int'l globalization think tank in Germany)
Brandeis Int'l Center for Ethics, Justice and Public Life
Resources on the Israel/Palestine conflict
TransAfrica Forum  
World Economic Forum
United States State Department - HR and country reports
World Trade Organization
International Monetary Fund
World Bank
Law Sites
UT Law Library Databases
UT Legal Studies Program
ABA for College Instructors
ABA Division of Public Education
Interdisciplinary Legal Studies Links
Books on Law - Reviews
Historic Supreme Court Decisions - by Justice 
Jurist: U.S. Supreme Court 
Findlaw: The US Supreme Court 
Search Supreme Court syllabi (synopses) 
Legal Information Institute:: Supreme Court Collection 
Natural Law Site: Supreme Court Cases
Legal Theory 
Solum's Legal Theory Blog
The National Law Journal/nlj.com
Feminist Legal Theory Internet Resources
Legal Information Institute at Cornell Law
Peter Suber's Law Links
Hieros Gamos Legal Research Site
Brennan Center for Justice
American Civil Liberties Union
Roberto Unger/Critical Legal Theory page
Roberto Unger's Homepage
Canadian Supreme Court
Death Penalty 
Death Penalty Links 
Race, Gender, GLBT and other Emancipatory Struggle Sites
Bibliography on Race, Gender, and Affirmative Action 
The Society for Women in Philosophy
Women's Liberation Research Network
Feminism and Philosophy 
Feminist Ethics and Social Theory
Society for Analytical Feminism
Freedom Socialist Party - Revolutionary Feminist Internationalists
Radical Philosophy Association 
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People 
Inherent racism of the death penalty
Race, Racism and the Law 
European Commission against Racism and Intolerance 
Race; Multiculturalism; Racism; Ethnicity; Ethics 
Race and Racism
Black Radical Congress
The Advocate, The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine
Human Rights Campaign - Working for Lesbian and Gay Rights
ADL - AntiDefamation League of B'Nai B'rith
The Greens
Green Party of Tennessee
UT Students for Environmental Action
The Green Party USA
Center for Environmental Philosophy
The Green Party Int'l
Assembly of First Nations
American Indian Movement - AIM -  
U.S. Economic Justice Sites
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
Committee for Economic Development
Living Wage Issue Guide 
More Living Wage Links
AFL-CIO: Main Page 
Labor, Progressive Political Topics 
National Labor Committee 
Labor Notes Home Page
Dollars and Sense
Economic Policy Institute
Smithsonian's Sweatshop History Project
Campaign for Labor Rights
Center for Economic and Social Rights
Corporate Watch
Sweatshop Watch
United Students Against Sweatshops
Tennesseans for Fair Taxation
Tennessee Industrial Renewal Network
Citizens for Tax Justice  
General Interest 
American Association of University Professors
Arts & Letters Daily - ideas, criticism, debate
Buzzflash - News you won't get on Fox
Canadian Broadcasting News
TruthOut Independent News
Public Broadcasting - PBS
National Public Radio
Independent News from Chicago
The New York Times on the Web
The Nation
New York Review of Books
The London Review of Books
The Boston Review
The Monthly Review
The Atlantic
The Economist
The Guardian online
Dissent Magazine
New Left Review
Foreign Policy Magazine
Foreign Affairs Magazine
The New Republic Online
The Wilson Quarterly
Reason Magazine
Intervention Magazine: War, Politics, Literature
TomPaine.com - a public interest journal
The Center for Inquiry  
Fun (yet Serious?) Sites
Michael Moore's Webpage (yes, of 'Roger and Me' fame)
The Democratic Underground
Metropulse in Knoxville
Concertwire for Knoxville
Knoxville Museum of Art
Knoxville Monetessori School
Ashe's Wines & Spirits - East Tennessee's Premier Wine Cellar
The Museum of Modern Art
Mark Rothko Prints
The White House Page (a satirical look at G.W. Bush)
The Onion (a satirical look at news)
DerfCity - satire/humor
Labyrinth Books -- Scholarly Books on Sale
Science Friday
The Official Home Page of Grateful Dead
The Other Ones
Photographs from the Golden Age of Jazz
Jazz Online - Home
All About Jazz.com
The Drunken Philosopher's Song  
Other Public Policy Sites
New America Foundation
Institute for Policy Studies
Institute for American Values
Center for National Policy
The Policy Action Network
The Policy Library: Social, Economic, Foreign Policy Analysis
The American Prospect
Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life
American Enterprise Institute
Economic Policy Institute
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
The Claremont Institute
Common Dreams - Progressive Politics
The Brookings Institution: Main Home Page
Progressive Policy Institute - Third Way Politics
Nautilus Institute for Security and Sustainable Develoopment
Americans for Democratic Action
Institute on Governance - Canada
Political Resources on the Web

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