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Tomorrow night at the Downtown Gallery!

MFA Thesis Exhibition

In partial fulfillment of their graduation requirements, students pursuing the Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree are required to mount a solo exhibition of work, and to defend their work during an oral examination in front of a faculty committee. Due to the number of graduate students enrolled in the UT School of Art, these exhibitions generally take the form of small groups of students presenting concurrent solo exhibitions in the gallery space.


Shelly O'Barr

My current work, The New Raconteur celebrates our personal anecdotes from past, present, and future. Storytelling, the ability to collect and perpetuate tales, is one of humanity's most intriguing attributes. It sets us apart from other beings and establishes our unique place in the family of things.

The people I photograph are the storytellers. They tell me a number of stories relating to their life or family histories. From these, I choose one of their stories to preserve and retell; taking on the role of the author.

Printing the photographs on a transparent material lends to a connectedness—the viewers and their stories become layered into the work as they move around and view each other through the existing story imagery.


Neil Ward

Patterns & Intersections
Civility in the Public Space





Please join us for this opening reception. All events are free and open to the public.

For additional information on this exhibition, please call the UT Downtown Gallery at 865.673.0802 or visit us online at