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. August's exhibition featured figurative works on paper, including watercolors, drawings, photography, and printmaking. Notable works include: portraits by Chuck Close and Alice Neel, prints by Francisco Goya, Leon Golub, Kathe Kollwitz, Keith Haring, Luis Jiminez, and William Hogarth, and photography by Helmut Newton and Walker Evans. Also in the exhibition were works from School of Art professors, students, and visiting artists, past and present. These artists are, Baldwin Lee, Don Kurka, Eleanor Dickinson, Mark Steinmetz, and Joseph Delaney.

Figurative works from the permanent collection of the Ewing Gallery

August 3 - August 18, 2012


Jody Mussoff
Art Source 2012
Art Source 2012
Art Source 2012
Kathe Kollwitz/span>
Massimo Campigli