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As one of the Dogwood Arts Festival's featured exhibits, NEXUS, showcases national and international artists working in contemporary sculpture and 3D media. Indoor sculptures comprising all styles and genres from emerging and established artists will be selected by esteemed professor, Laticia Bajuyo, for exhibition at the University of Tennessee's Downtown Gallery.

About the Juror
Leticia R. Bajuyo is an Associate Professor of Art at Hanover College in southern Indiana. In 1998 she received her BFA in Sculpture from the University of Notre Dame, and in 2001 she earned her MFA in Sculpture from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. Leticia grew up in the Midwest and draws much of her inspiration from her experiences living there. More specifically, growing up in a multicultural surrounding helped her to develop her style of blending dissimilar materials in her pieces. She constantly strives to learn new and inventive ways of creating.

Leticia Bajuyo maintains an impressive resume with many exhibitions in various categories including solo, outdoor, two- and three-person, and group. She has given numerous lectures and panel talks. Additionally, she has penned several articles, weblogs, and publications and has been the recipient of many honors and grants including receiving the Hanover College Faculty Development Major Grant three times. Most recently, she worked on a two-person exhibition entitled Singularities on display at the West Street Art Center in Madison, Indiana, and she is currently working on a solo exhibition due to be displayed at Myers South Gallery, Living Arts in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 2014 entitled Dual Wielding.



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NEXUS 2014

April 4 - 19, 2014
Opening Reception: Friday, April 4 5-9PM
awards will be announced at reception

James Parlin : "Lurch" - Aluminum & acrylic paint. Parlin is from Edinboro, PA.
Brent Oglesbee : "Radial Pitch" - Wood & Aluminum. Oglesbee is from Bowling Green, KY.
Phillip Scarpone : "Resurgence" - Steel, electric motor, wood & cement. Scarpone is from Athens, GA.
2014 Nexus Installation, UT Downtown Gallery
2014 Nexus Installation, UT Downtown Gallery
2014 Nexus Installation, UT Downtown Gallery
2014 Nexus Installation, UT Downtown Gallery
2014 Nexus Installation, UT Downtown Gallery
2014 Nexus Installation, UT Downtown Gallery
2014 Nexus Installation, UT Downtown Gallery
2014 Nexus Installation, UT Downtown Gallery






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