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Photo Credit: Todd Amacker / Michael Dennis

Fred Dolislager

I like to watch the birds at my house and I built a pretty good size feeder in the back yard next to woods. Sometimes I do put out suet. I make my winter suet by just mixing seeds into lard and peanut butter until the seeds stick together. I then put it in a wire basket and hang in a tree. I'm told there is a recipe that works better in summer. Find it below. If you want to use my pictures. please e-mail me and give credit.

Sad Killdeer Story

Birds I've seen at feeder or around it....and some from work....and travel. Some are even from Sea world and Busch Gardens and it really doesn't bother me that many were "bound" to the parks:

1. Northern Cardinal male and female (feeder)
2. Blue Jay (feeder)
3. American Robin (Melton Hill Park)
4. Eastern Blue Bird (yard) 2 (Melton Hill Park)
5. Rose-breasted Grosbeak (feeder)
6. Red-bellied Woodpecker (Oak Ridge). Where's his red belly you may ask? look here (Oak Ridge)
7. Downy Woodpecker male , female (front yard)
8. Pileated Woodpecker and a Nest (backyard)
9. Yellow-Shafted Northern Flicker, flying (feeder)
10. White-throated Sparrow (Mary Vestal Park)
11. Field Sparrow, again (Oak Ridge)
12. Carolina Wren (Mary Vestal Park) On nest (porch) Egg (boot) Feeding (porch) Chick (porch) Chick leaving (porch)
13. Marsh Wren (yard)
14. Tufted Titmouse (feeder)
15. Carolina Chickadee (feeder)
16. House Finches and yellow variety (feeder) another shot (tree by feeder)
17. Purple Finch (feeder)
18. American Goldfinch (feeder)
19. House Wren (nesting under porch)
20. Mourning Dove, again (sleeping in backyard) Head (feeder)
21. American Crow (feeder)
22. Eastern Towhee , Eastern Towhee 2(yard)
23. Brown-headed Cowbird Male, Brown-headed Cowbird Female (Oak Ridge)
24. Indigo Bunting (feeder), Female (Oak Ridge), Pair (Oak Ridge)
25. Slate-colored Junco,white patch (yard)
26. Cedar Waxwing 1 , Cedar Waxwing 2 (seen in yard but photos from Mary Vestal Park)
27. Northern Mockingbird 1 (yard) Northern Mockingbird 2 (Oak Ridge)
28. Red-Winged Blackbird male, female (feeder)
29. Gray Catbird (seen in wild at local zoo and photo taken at Sea World)
30. Belted Kingfisher (creek in front yard)
31. Pine Warbler (feeder)
32. European Starling, Juvenile(Oak Ridge Marina)
33. Great Blue Heron (Hickory Creek in front yard) and again (Melton Hill Dam), Carbide Park, again
34. Canada Goose baby (Pellissippi State C.C.)
35. Mallard Duck male, female, male head shot (Hickory Creek)
36. Brown Creeper, again (seen in yard but photos from Mary Vestal Park and Carbide Park)
37. White-breasted Nuthatch (feeder)
38. Common Merganser (Hickory Creek)
39. House Sparrow (feeder)
40. Great Egret (seen in Hickory Creek but photographed at Sea World) Head shot
41. Common Grackle (feeder)
42. Hooded Merganser (creek in front of house) Also from Busch Gardens Male and a Pair
43. Song Sparrow (Oak Ridge) Again(feeder)
44. Killdeer (Melton Hill Park) Bathing 1 (Pellissippi CC) Bathing 2 (P.S.C.C.) juvenile (P.S.C.C.)
45. Muscovy (Pellissippi State C.C.)
46. Ring Billed Gull (Pellissippi State C.C.) imm. (Oak Ridge Marina)
47. Red Tailed Hawk (Hickory Creek) and sitting, flying (Hardin Valley)
48. Red Shouldered Hawk encounter (Hickory Creek)
49. Bald Eagle (Hickory Creek
50. Golden Eagle (Palm Springs)
51. Sharp Shinned Hawk One and Two (Lucky shots while trying to get a nuthatch to sit still. Nearby Melton Hill Park.) Three (Oak Ridge) Four (Oak Ridge)
52. Common Yellowthroat Warbler (Hickory Creek) male , female 1, female 2, female 3 and female 4
53. Yellow-breasted Chat, again (Camp Buck Toms), at work (Oak Ridge)
54. Black-and-White Warbler (office)
55. Red-Throated Loon (Norris Lake)
56. Blue Grosbeak (feeder)
57. Lesser Scaup , trio , A female joins the boys (Hardin Valley P.S.C.C.)
58. Coot, again (Oak Ridge Marina)
59. White Duck, domestic? (Oak Ridge Marina)
60. Mixed breed Mallard? (Oak Ridge Marina) Bad feather day duck (Melton Hill Park)
61. White Goose, domestic or cross? (Hickory Creek)
62. Peacock (neighbor on creek) Albino from Busch Gardens
63. Eastern Phoebe (Melton Hill Park)
64. Osprey 1, Osprey 2, Osprey 3, Osprey 4 (Oak ridge), Balm Beach
65. American White Pelican (Seen in Bemidji, MN but photo from Bush Gardens) Display
66. Brown Pelican, Head shot, Bush Gardens) , Flying (Palm Beach)
67. Wood Stork (seen in Palm Beach County but photo from Bush Gardens)
68. Common Loon (Minnesota)
69. American Kestral, 2 years later (Knoxville, Watt Rd.), flying
70. Peachfaced Lovebird (Wife's bird). I think his mate, Petunia, is going to lay an egg so I built a nest box. We'll see what happens.
71. Yellow-bellied sapsucker Knoxville Minnesota
72. Boat Tailed Grackle (Busch Gardens). Female
73. African Pygmy Goose? (Busch Gardens).
74. African Vulture? (Busch Gardens).
75. Atlantic Puffin(Sea World).
76. Black-necked Stilt (Busch Gardens).
77. Common Moorhen (Busch Gardens).
78. Egyptian Goose (Busch Gardens).
79. Emu (Busch Gardens).
80. Eurasian Collared Dove (Busch Gardens).
81. Fish Crow (Sea World).
82. Greater Flamingo (Busch Gardens).Greater Flamingo, Lesser Flamingo
83. Gray Crowned Crane (Busch Gardens). Head shot
84. Guira Cuckoo (Busch Gardens).
85. Hamerkop (Busch Gardens).
86. Hornbill (Busch Gardens).
87. Inca Tern (Busch Gardens).
88. Lady Ross Turacos (Busch Gardens).
89. Laughing Gull, Second Year (Busch Gardens), Flying, Laughers and Ringers (Palm Beach).
90. Mandarin Wood Duck (Busch Gardens).Pair
91. Monk Parakeet (in wild at Busch Gardens).
92. Some Cormorant (Busch Gardens).
93. Nene Goose (Busch Gardens).
94. Northern Shoveler (Busch Gardens), again (Turkey Creek).
95. Ostrich (Busch Gardens).
96. Red Head (Busch Gardens).
97. Roseate Spoonbill (Busch Gardens).
98. Ruddy Duck (Busch Gardens).
99. Sacred Ibis (Busch Gardens).
100. Sandhill Crane (Busch Gardens).
101. Scarlet Ibis (Busch Gardens).
102. Smew (Busch Gardens).
103. Snowy Egret (Sea World).
104. Southern Screamer (Busch Gardens). Head shot
105. Sun Bittern (Busch Gardens).
106. Hildebrandt's Starling (Busch Gardens).
107. Tri-colored Heron (wild at Sea World).
108. Vulturine Guniea Fowl (Busch Gardens). Head shot
109. White Ibis (Busch Gardens). Roost
110. Wood Stork (Busch Gardens).
111. Yellow-billed Stork (Busch Gardens).
112. African White-backed Duck (Busch Gardens).
113. Mystery 2 (Busch Gardens).
114. Mystery 3 (Busch Gardens). Same as Mystery 6?
115. Demoiselle Crane (Busch Gardens).
116. Mystery 5 (Busch Gardens). A Gray crowned crane?
117. Mystery 6 (Busch Gardens).
118. White-faced Whistling Duck 1 (Busch Gardens). White-faced Whistling Duck 2 , White-faced Whistling Duck 3
119. Yellow-billed Duck (Busch Gardens).
120. Silver Teal (Busch Gardens).
121. Male Hairy Woodpecker and Female Hairy Woodpecker(Oak Ridge).
122. Blue-gray Gnatcatcher (Back yard but photo from Oak Ridge).
123. House Sparrow (Knoxville).
124. Screech Owl - red phase (Ijams Nature Center).
125. Screech Owl - gray phase (Ijams Nature Center).
126. Brown Thrasher (Oak Ridge).
127. Broad-winged Hawk (Oak Ridge), one , two , three (Knoxville).
128. Northern Rough-winged Swallow (Oak Ridge).
129. Eastern Kingbird , flying (Oak Ridge).
130. Barn Swallow (Norris Lake).
131. Wood Duck (Oak Ridge) and a rescued baby who later died (Knoxville).
132. Chipping Sparrow (Oak Ridge).
133. Brown-headed Nuthatch 1 , Brown-headed Nuthatch 2 , Brown-headed Nuthatch 3 (Oak Ridge).
134. Scarlet Tanager (Hickory Creek).
135. Spotted Sandpiper 1, Spotted Sandpiper 2, Spotted Sandpiper 3 (Oak Ridge).Spotted Sandpiper 4 (Melton Hill Dam).
136. Palm Warbler (Oak Ridge) Palm Warbler , again (Palm Beach).
137. Turkey Vulture (Palm Beach) Flying .
138. Black Vulture (Oak Ridge).
139. Tree Swallow (Oak Ridge).
140. Possible Cattle Egret (Camp Buck Toms), Possible winter (Palm Beach).
141. Yellow-billed Cuckoo (Camp Buck Toms).
142. Summer Tanager male , female (Camp Buck Toms).
143. Orchard Oriole (first year), again (Hickory Creek).
144. Mystery Blackbird (Camp Buck Toms).
145. Ruby-throated Hummingbird (porch) female , fluffy male , male hovering , pair 1, pair 2 and trio .
146. Green Heron (Hickory Creek) again , juvenile.
147. Black-crowned Night Heron (Melton Hill Dam) two , three, four , immature and immature again.
148. Double-crested Cormorant (Melton Hill Dam) two , three.
149. Western Kingbird , two (Palm Beach).
150. Sanderling , two (Palm Beach).
151. Black backed gull greater or lesser? , Flying (Palm Beach).
152. Ruddy Turnstone (Palm Beach).
153. Mystery cormorant (Palm Beach).
154. Little Blue Heron , Immature (Palm Beach).
155. Magnificent Frigate Bird (Palm Beach).
156. Black backed gull greater or lesser? (Palm Beach).
157. Willet in winter (Palm Beach).
158. Golden-crowned Kinglet , again (Carbide Park).
159. Yellow-rumped Warbler , winter ,winter again , spring front , spring back (Mary Vestal Park and Melton Hill Park and Snake Hollow).
160. Pie-billed Grebe , group (Carbide Park).
161. Wild Tom Turkey , Jake , Hen , Flying (Hickory Creek). Check out the massive impressive spurs on Don's boss gobbler. 1 5/8 inch.
162. Gadwall , female , male again , male again (Turkey Creek).
161. Eastern Meadowlark (Knoxville).
162. Yellow-throated Warbler , again (Snake Hollow).
163. Baltimore Oriole (Minnesota).
164. Common Merganser - female (Minnesota).
165. Marsh Wren (Minnesota).
166. Rose-breasted Grossbeak (Minnesota).
167. Goldeneye female (Minnesota) flock (Minnesota).
168. Cliff Swallow (Minnesota).
169. Blue-winged Teal (Minnesota).
170. Black-capped Chickadee (Minnesota).

Winter Suet Recipe

2 cups lard
1 cup crunchy peanut butter (non-crunchy will work also)
2 cups plain oatmeal
1 cup flour
1 cup corn meal
1/3 cup sugar (optional)

1 cup (or more) black-oil sunflower seeds (optional)
Put the lard and peanut butter together and melt in the microwave until the lard had become a liquid. Then add the other ingredients one at a time making sure each is well mixed in. If this is to be fed during warm weather, the flour is a must to keep the mixture from melting and running in the hot sun. The meal should help with that as well.

If the sunflower seeds are added, the Nuthatches, Titmice and Woodpeckers seem to enjoy picking them out and eating them.

Next pour the mixture into 5 or 6 small suet trays (the type filled with suet that is available in stores), or pour it into small milk or juice cartons, adding a string of yarn etc. from which to hang them. Place in the fridge overnight. If the cartons were used, tear off the paper carton and hang from a tree branch or feeder.

Now sit back and enjoy the birds.