Easy Reading Books
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 A Reading Program for Children with Serious Reading Problems.  Useful to Teachers and Parents.

Get a site permit and print as many copies as you want from a CD. Change stories to fit the needs of your students by using the names of your students, teachers, etc. Manual and other materials can be copied to your hard drive or printed from a CD. Some free materials are on this site.



Charles H. Hargis, Ed.D.


Donald J. Dickinson, Ed.D.

About the Easy Readers:

· For children with a history of failure in reading and reading below a fourth grade level

· Based on the 568 words most often found in children’s literature below the fourth grade

· Words include 63 high frequency words up to grade 9

· Words graded for difficulty into five levels

· Short stories give children feeling of accomplishment

· High repetition of words insures success

· Small addition of new words to each new story

· Pretest tells where to begin instruction

When children master the five levels, they should be able to read most third-grade books.

How the Easy Readers Motivate Children to Read:

When children who have met with failure in learning to read experience success, it is a joy to behold. It not only improves their attitude toward reading, but it can have an effect on their social relations, their self concept, and their attitude toward school. The Easy Readers are carefully designed to replace failure with success in learning to read.

The Easy Readers are based on the philosophy of mastery learning and practice, where a few words are learned and practiced as new words are introduced. The Easy Readers start at a level where children can succeed based on a pretest and the monitoring of error rate and reading rate of the children. If children can learn most of the words in a first story of a series, they will immediately find that they can read the other 9 stories with success as only a few words are added to each new story.

The Easy Readers present stories that are designed for older children with reading skills below a fourth grade level. The stories cover cars, animals, spooks, and mysteries that appeal to older children.   Most stories convey the importance of sharing, concern for others, having a positive attitude, and reasoning. Most have some adventure, humor, and fun.

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