Instructions for Downloading JMP Software at UT

If you have followed the instructions in your syllabus up to the point where we ask you to "Scroll up or down to see the 'Download selected item' button", and have clicked on it, you will see there are two steps to getting the JMP installation software on your computer.  The first step will open a PDF file with some instructions.  Print these, and use them to guide you through what you do next. 

You can't click on "Step 2" until you have clicked on "Step 1".  Although the link for Step 1 says you will be obtaining "necessary keys", that's not accurate.  They simply want you to read the instructions prior to downloading the software.  The "Quick Instructions" on pages 2 and 3 might be all you will need, but there are more detailed instructions below that if you run into difficulty.  There is also a list of Common Installation Issues on page 4 of the document, if you continue to have problems.  If, after all reasonable efforts, you still can't get JMP working on your computer, call the Computing Help Desk at 974-9900.