JMP Tutorial:
Creating a JMP Data Table

The first time you open JMP on your computer, you will see "Tip of the Day".  If you don't want this to appear every time you open JMP, uncheck the box in the lower left corner next to "Show tips at startup", and close this window.

Below is the opening view of JMP, known as the JMP Home Window:

Click on the File menu, pull to New, then slide over to Data Table:

Clicking on Data Table will produce the following:

We are going to enter the following data into JMP:

Double-click at the top of Column 1 and type "Tire Model" in the Column Name text box:


Click OK.  Click once in the cell just below the column title and type ATX in that cell:

Continue entering the tire models. Press the Enter key after each entry.  Once you finish entering all tire models, you should see the following:

Double click just to the right of the title of your first column to add another column.  You should see:

Proceed as for Column 1 above to name the column Count and enter the data:

To save the data table, go the File menu and select Save.

Give the data table the name Tire Data or any other name you want:

You will notice that under Columns(2/0) the Tire Model column has red vertical bars next to it.
This indicates that this column contains character data.

The Count column has a blue sideways arrowhead. 
This indicates that this column contains quantitative data.