WEST Family DNA Project
William West 1735 Virginia
Descendents of William WEST and his wife Keziah.
This is the family represented by DNA sample W260.
Each male with the surname WEST in this chart has a Y chromosome that is a copy of the Y chromosome of William WEST born 1735.   This passing of genetic code from father to son is the key to using Y-DNA for genealogy research.  Any living male with the surname WEST, who is descended from one of the WESTs in this chart, will have Y-DNA that matches W260.

Descendants of William West

1.  William WEST, b 1735 Fairfax VA, d 1815 St. Helena, LA

      + Keziah (last name unknown), b 1739 VA, d 1815 St. Helena LA

      2. LittleBerry WEST, b 1763 Halifax VA, d 1840 Rapides Parrish LA

          + Tabitha A. (last name unknown), b 1767 Natches Dis LA, d 1825 Washington Parrish LA.

          3. Richard WEST, b 1790 Natches, Spanish LA, d 1844 LA

              + Charity DICKERSON, b 1809 MS, d 1835

              4.  Willis WEST, Sr., b 1816 MS, d 1887 Natchitoches, LA

                    + Delany Delia JOHNSON, b 1813 LA, d 1893 Travis Co TX

                     5.  Willis WEST, Jr., 1855 LA, d 1900 Travis Co TX

                           + Margarette (Maggie) C. NEWMAN, b 1857 MS

                           6.  Elmer Alvin WEST, b 1882 TX, d 1953 Bell TX

                               + 1) Dollie Rhoda KIRK, b 1888 Williamson, TX, d 1960 Travis TX

                               7. Ollie Jesse WEST, b 1908 TX, d 1962 Travis TX

                                   + Keron Belle CANTWELL, b 1913, d 1991 Williamson Co TX

                               + 2) Edna (2d wife of Elmer Alvin WEST)