WEST Family DNA Project
Francis West 1606 England

Descendents of Francis WEST and Margery REEVES.
This is the family represented by DNA sample W20.
Each male with the surname WEST in this chart has a Y chromosome that is a copy of the Y chromosome of Francis WEST b 1606.   This passing of genetic code from father to son is the key to using Y-DNA for genealogy research.  Any living male with the surname WEST, who is descended from one of the WESTs in this chart, will have Y-DNA that matches W20.

Descendants of Francis WEST

1. Francis WEST (b.1606-Salisbury,Wiltshire,England;d.1692-Marshfield,Plymouth,MA)

   sp: Margrey REEVES (m.1639)

      2. Mary WEST (b.1640-Duxbury,Plymouth Colony,MA)

      2. Samuel WEST (b.1643-Duxbury,Plymouth Colony,MA;d.1689-Duxbury,Plymouth Colony,MA)

         sp: Tryphosa PARTRIDGE (m.1668;d.1701-Duxbury,Plymouth Colony,MA)

            3. Francis WEST (b.1669-Duxbury,Plymouth,MA)

               sp: Mercy MINOR (m.1696;d.1731)

                  4. Mercy WEST (b.1697-,CT)

                     sp: Nathaniel WALES (m.1716)

                  4. Samuel WEST (b.1699-,CT)

                     sp: Sarah DELANO (m.1724)

                        5. Prudence WEST (b.1726-Tolland,CT)

                        5. Sarah WEST (b.1729-Tolland,CT)

                        5. Samuel WEST (b.1732-,Tolland,CT)

                        5. Abigail WEST (b.1735-Tolland,CT)

                        5. Abner WEST (b.1737-Tolland,CT;d.1830)

                        5. Joanna WEST (b.1739-Tolland,CT)

                        5. Elisha WEST (b.1742-Tolland,CT)

                        5. Anna WEST (b.1745)

                        5. Anna WEST (b.1756)

                        5. Ruth WEST (b.1759)

                           sp: Abigail LATHROP (m.1754)

                  4. Joseph WEST (c.1701-,CT)

                     sp: Joanna DELANO (m.1725)

                        5. Mary WEST (b.1726)

                        5. Joanna (Jane) WEST (b.1732)

                        5. Rufus WEST (b.1735;d.1814)

                        5. Deborah WEST (b.1738-Tolland,CT)

                        5. Bathsheba WEST (b.1741;d.1774)

                           sp: Jonathan HATCH (m.1765)

                        5. Andrew WEST (b.1745)

                        5. Ephraim WEST (b.1747;d.1760)

                        5. Jabez WEST Capt. (b.1751;d.1817)

                  4. Amasa WEST (c.1704-,CT)

                     sp: Amy HATCH (m.1730)

                        5. Francis WEST (b.1731;d.1769)

                        5. Oliver WEST (b.1733)

                        5. Phebe WEST (b.1735)

                        5. Lucia WEST (b.1738)

                        5. Rebeckah WEST (b.1740;d.1774)

                        5. Amy WEST (b.1741;d.1756)

                        5. Mercy WEST (b.1744;d.1755)

                        5. Mehitable WEST (b.1747;d.1755)

                        5. Amasa WEST (b.1749)

                        5. Susan WEST (b.1754)

                        5. Levi WEST (b.1760;d.1808)

                  4. Zebulon WEST Hon. (c.1707-,CT)

                     sp: Mary DELANO (m.1731;d.1743)

                        5. Mary WEST (b.1732)

                           sp: Ephraim GRANT

                        5. Stephen WEST Rev. (b.1735;d.1819)

                        5. Ann WEST (b.1738;d.1775)

                           sp: Sarah AVERY (m.1744;d.1770)

                  4. Christopher WEST (c.1709-,CT)

                  4. Pelatiah WEST (c.1711-,CT)

            3. Juen WEST (b.1671-Duxbury,Plymouth,MA)

            3. Samuel WEST (b.1672-Duxbury,Plymouth,MA)

            3. Pelatah WEST (b.1674-Duxbury,Plymouth,MA;d.1756-prob Duxbury,Plymouth,MA)

               sp: Elizabeth CHANDLER (m.1722)

            3. Ebenezer WEST (b.1676-Duxbury,Plymouth,MA)

            3. John WEST (b.1679-Duxbury,Plymouth,MA)

            3. Abigail WEST (b.1682-Duxbury,Plymouth,MA)

               sp: Nathaniel COLE (m.1714)

            3. Bathsheba WEST

      2. Thomas WEST (b.1646-Duxbury,Plymouth Colony,MA;d.1706-West Tisbury,Dukes,MA)

         sp: Elizabeth  (b.1653;d.1728-Marthas Vineyard,Dukes,MA)

            3. Elizabeth WEST (b.1678-Tisbury,Duke,MA)

               sp: John MILLARD

               sp: Jonathan SABIN (m.1718)

            3. Abigail WEST

               sp: Joshua WEEKS (m.1722)

            3. Abner WEST (b.1683-Tisbury,MA;d.1756-Tisbury,Marthas Vineyard)

               sp: Jane LOOK (b.1680-,Duke,MA;m.1706;d.1765)

                  4. Thomas WEST (b.1708-Rochester,MA)

                     sp: Drusilla PRESBURY (b.1708-,Duke,MA;d.1763-Rochester,Worcester,MA)

                  4. Silas WEST (b.1710)

                  4. Samuel WEST (b.1712)

                  4. Elisha WEST (b.1714)

                  4. Jane WEST (b.1716)

                     sp: William WEST (b.1714-Marthas Vineyard,Duke,MA;m.1734;d.1799-,Nova Scotia)

                  4. Peter WEST (b.1718)

                  4. Elizabeth WEST (b.1720)

                     sp: Seith DAGGETT (m.1734)

                  4. Abigail WEST (b.1722;d.1741)

                  4. Stephen WEST (b.1724)

            3. Ruth WEST (b.1685-Tisbury,Duke,MA)

               sp: Edward CARTWRIGHT

            3. Thomas WEST II (b.1687-Marthas Vineyard,Dukes,MA;d.1727-,RI)

               sp: Mary PRESBURY (b.1694-Sandwich,Plymouth Colony;m.1713;d.1728-Tisbury,Duke,MA)

                  4. William WEST (b.1714-Marthas Vineyard,Duke,MA;d.1799-,Nova Scotia)

                     sp: Jane WEST (b.1716;m.1734)

                  4. Nathan WEST (b.1715-Tisbury,Dukes,MA;d.1732-,MA)

                  4. Thomas WEST III (b.1716-Marthas Vineyard,Duke,MA;d.1770-Dartmouth,Bristol,MA)

                     sp: Hannah POPE (b.1720-Sandwich,Barnstable,MA;m.1741;d.1798-New Braintree,Worcester,MA)

                        5. Mary WEST (b.1742-Sandwich,Barnstable,MA;d.1814-New Braintree,Worcester,MA)

                           sp: Luen POPE (b.1737-Dartmouth,Bristol,MA;m.1761;d.1799-Dartmouth,Bristol,MA)

                        5. Patience WEST (b.1744-Dartmouth,Bristol,MA)

                           sp: Edward HUDSON (m.1768)

                        5. Seth WEST (b.1746-Dartmouth,Bristol,MA;d.1770-Dartmouth,Bristol,MA)

                        5. Paul WEST (b.1749-Dartmouth,Bristol,MA;d.1820-New Braintree,Worcester,MA)

                           sp: Elizabeth HILL (b.1752-Swansea,Bristol,MA;m.1772;d.1794-New Braintree,Worcester,MA)

                              6. Seth WEST (b.1775-Swansea,Bristol,MA)

                              6. Jonathan WEST (b.1777-Dartmouth,Bristol,MA)

                              6. Phebe Chase WEST (b.1779-New Braintree,Worcester,MA)

                                 sp: Lucius GUNN (m.1802)

                              6. Betsy WEST (b.1783-New Braintree,Worcester,MA;d.1866-Oakham,Worcester,MA)

                                 sp: Washington ALLEN (b.1776-Oakham,Worcester,MA;m.1800;d.1863-Oakham,Worcester,MA)

                              6. WEST (d.1785-New Braintree,Worcester,MA)

                              6. Charlotte WEST (b.1786-New Braintree,Worcester,MA)

                                 sp: James NORTON (m.1804)

                              6. Paul WEST (b.1788-New Braintree,Worcester,MA)

                              6. Otis L. WEST Sr. (b.1790-New Braintree,Worcester,MA;d.1840)

                                 sp: Harriet BROWN (b.1794-Rutland,Worcester,MA;m.1813;d.1829)

                                    7. Harriet Brown WEST (b.1814-,MA;d.1892-Spencer,Worcester,MA)

                                       sp: Samuel R. BOYDEN (b.1813-Holden,MA;m.1836;d.1893-Spencer,Worcester,MA)

                                    7. Otis Leander WEST (b.1816-,MA;b.1897-Flat Run Cem,Adams,Ohio)

                                       sp: Mary VINSONHALER (b.1818-,Ohio;m.1839;d.1877-Scott,Adams,Ohio)

                                          8. William Edward WEST (b.1840-Scott,Adams,Ohio;d.1905-Scott,Adams,Ohio)

                                             sp: Catherine E. MCCREIGHT (b.1845-,Adams,Ohio;m.1865;d.1902-,Ohio)

                                                9. Clema A. "Honey" WEST (b.1866-Scott,Adams,Ohio;d.1948-Los Angeles,Los Angeles,CA)

                                                   sp: Franklin S. BETZ (m.1896)

                                                9. John B. "Tom" WEST (b.1868-,Adams Co,Ohio;d.1927-Bozeman,Gallatin,MT)

                                                9. William E. WEST Jr. (b.1869-,Adams,Ohio)

                                                   sp: Elizabeth GUSTIN (b.1879)

                                                9. Isabell M. WEST (b.1872-,Adams,Ohio)

                                                9. Irene Lucinda WEST (b.1874-,Adams,Ohio;d.1906-,Ohio)

                                                   sp: Thomas Cummings ARMSTRONG (b.1857-Morgantown,Pike Co,OH;m.1892;d.1923-)

                                                9. Hetty WEST (b.1877-,Adams,Ohio;d.1937-Glendale,Los Angeles,CA)

                                                9. Cora Florence WEST (b.1879-,Adams,Ohio;d.1954-Glendale,Los Angeles,CA)

                                                9. son WEST (b.1881-,Adams,Ohio;d.1881-,Adams,Ohio)

                                                9. Luther Sherman WEST (b.1883-,Adams,Ohio;d.1976-Palm Springs,CA)

                                                9. Homer M. WEST (b.1886-,Adams,Ohio)

                                          8. Joseph G. WEST (b.1843-Scott,Adams,Ohio;d.1901-,Adams,Ohio)

                                             sp: Emily C. NEWCOMB (b.1848-,Adams,OH;m.1867;d.1914-,Adams,OH)

                                                9. John Edwin WEST (b.1868-,Adams,OH;d.1930-,Adams,OH)

                                                   sp: Elizabeth E.

                                                9. Ida May WEST (b.1870-Mayhill,Adams,OH;d.1943-Circleville,OH)

                                                   sp: Anthony Tobias SWISSHELM (m.1891)

                                                9. Anna "Clemmie Ann" WEST (b.1872-,Adams,OH;d.1924)

                                                   sp: John CUSTER (m.1898)

                                                9. William Edgar WEST (b.1875-Mayhill,Adams,OH;d.1928-,Adams,OH)

                                                   sp: Elizabeth J. GUSTIN (b.1878-,Adams,OH;m.1898)

                                                9. Otis Burdsal WEST (b.1877-,Adams,OH;d.1938-,OH)

                                                   sp: Cora J. MILLER (b.1882;m.1902;d.1975-,Adams,OH)

                                                9. Kilby Earnest WEST (b.1886-Mayhill,Adams,OH;d.1948-,OH)

                                                   sp: Zella WYLIE (b.1892;m.1910;d.1931)

                                          8. Sarah Ann Rebecca WEST (b.1845-Scott,Adams,Ohio;d.1901-,Pike,OH)

                                             sp: Joseph Buoy GAMMELL (b.1840-,Miffen Co,PA;m.1865;d.1901-Sunfish,Pike,OH)

                                          8. John C. WEST (b.1848-Scott,Adams,Ohio;d.1867-Scott,Adams,Ohio)

                                          8. Philip Riley WEST (b.1850-Scott,Adams,OH;d.1917-Hillsboro,Highland,OH)

                                             sp: Elizabeth PAGE (b.1857-,Livingston,IL;m.1872;d.1930-,Adams,OH)

                                                9. Louisa Cathern WEST (b.1874-Scott,Adams,OH;d.1950)

                                                   sp: Arthur LUNTZ (b.1870-Farmworth,Louis,KY;m.1891;d.1961-Louisville,Adams,Ohio)

                                                9. Florence Iola WEST (b.1877-Scott,Adams Co,OH;d.1956-,Highland Co,OH)

                                                   sp: Samuel Martin MCCLURE (b.1867-,Adams Co,OH;m.1900;d.1957-Hillsboro,Highland,OH)

                                                9. Olive Myrtle WEST (b.1879-,Springfield,IL;d.1963-,OH)

                                                   sp: Franklin HULL

                                                9. Spencer Armanus WEST (b.1881-Scott,Adams,OH)

                                                   sp: Sadie SHUPERT

                                                9. Nellie Jane WEST (b.1884-Scott,Adams,OH;d.1947-Clark,Clinton,OH)

                                                         sp: Peter Patrick ARMSTRONG (b.1845-Bratton twp,Adams Co,OH;m.1899(Div);d.1937-)

                                                9. Stewart Edward WEST (b.1886-Scott,Adams,OH;d.1963-Willard,OH)

                                                   sp: Jennie Merilla MILLER (b.1888-Bascom,OH;m.1909;d.1952-Willard,OH)

                                                9. William Walter WEST (b.1889-Scott,Adams,OH;d.1959-Peebles,Adams,OH)

                                                   sp: Maxie STANFORTH (b.1892-,Highland,OH;d.1983-Oakland Care Cen,Hillsboro,OH)

                                                9. Charles Lorenza WEST (b.1894-Scott,Adams,OH;d.1966-Eden Manor Nurs.,Sabina,OH)

                                                   sp: Effie HAINES (d.1966)

                                          8. Allanah J. Williams WEST (b.1852-Scott,Adams,Ohio;d.1915-Near Winchester,Adams,Ohio)

                                             sp: Mary Virginia CORNELIUS (m.1874)

                                                9. James L. WEST (b.1876-,Adams,OH)

                                                   sp: Cora WOOLLUMS

                                                9. Nora Dell WEST (b.1879-,Adams,OH;d.1920)

                                                9. Ella Olive WEST (b.1886-,Adams,OH;d.1919)

                                                   sp: George Hughey WEBSTER (b.1882;m.1904;d.1968)

                                                9. Frank Gibson WEST (b.1892-,Adams,OH;d.1951)

                                                   sp: Winnie J. SWISSHELM (b.1892;m.1912;d.1982-Quaker Heights,Nursing Home,W,OH)

                                          8. Mary Vinsonhaler WEST (d.1857-Adams Co. Ohio)

                                          8. Alexander GREER WEST (b.1855-Scott,Adams,Ohio;d.1927-,Adams,Ohio)

                                             sp: Sara Elizabeth SPRINKLE (b.1856-,Adams,Ohio;m.1875;d.1953-Bratton,Adams,OH)

                                                9. Oscar WEST

                                                9. Charles Birdsell WEST (b.1877-Peebles,Adams,OH;d.1977-Cincinnati,Hamilton,OH)

                                                   sp: Della Bell SMART (b.1880-,Highland,OH;m.1899;d.1962-West Union,Adams,OH)

                                                9. Etta A. WEST (b.1880;d.1972)

                                                   sp: Otway E. CUSTER (b.1878;m.1900;d.1954)

                                                9. Goldie May WEST (b.1884;d.1982-Nursing Home,Hillsboro,OH)

                                                   sp: Charles O. GUSTIN (b.1879-Adams Co. Ohio;m.1905;d.1954-West Union,Adams Co. Ohio)

                                                9. John Arthur WEST (b.1887;d.1936)

                                                   sp: Exie MARTIN

                                          8. Jonas Brown WEST (b.1859-Scott,Adams,Ohio;d.1930-Louden,Adams,Ohio)

                                             sp: Mary Margaret GORMAN (b.1856-,OH;m.1881;d.1935-,Adams,OH)

                                                9. Oscar Leander WEST (b.1882-Mayhill,Adams,Ohio;d.1965)

                                                   sp: Anna Marie WINGERT (b.1891;m.1909;d.1974-Adams,OH)

                                                9. Sarah Ellen WEST (b.1887-Elmville,Adams,Ohio;d.1981-Martinsville,Clinton,OH)

                                                   sp: Thomas Spencer GUSTIN (m.1906;d.1931)

                                    7. Austin Edwin WEST (b.1818)

                                    7. Lucinda WEST (b.1820;d.1820-Cincinnati,Ohio)

                                    7. Benjamin Franklin WEST (b.1822;d.1823)

                                    7. Jonas Brown WEST (b.1824-Prob. Cinn. Ohio;d.1873-Spencer,Worcester,MA)

                                       sp: Julia BROWN

                                    7. Ann Elizabeth WEST (b.1824)

                                       sp: Lucy BROWN (m.1831)

                              6. Benjamin Franklin WEST (b.1794-New Braintree,Worcester,MA)

                                sp: Caty BERRY (m.1794;d.1795-New Braintree,Worcester,MA)

                                sp: Abigail BURBANK (m.1795)

                        5. Hannah WEST

                           sp: Elijah NORTON 2nd (m.1776)

                        5. Thomas WEST IV (b.1753-Dartmouth,Bristol,MA)

                           sp: Rebecca CANNADAY (m.1778)

                        5. Abigail WEST (b.1757-Dartmouth,Bristol,MA;d.1770-Dartmouth,Bristol,MA)

                  4. Lydia WEST (b.1718-Tisbury,Duke,MA)

                        sp: David MELVILLE (m.1739)

                  4. John WEST (b.1719-Tisbury,Duke,MA;d.1732)

                  4. Mary WEST (b.1721-Tisbury,Duke,MA)

                     sp: Timothy INGRAHAM (m.1746)

                  4. Paul WEST (b.1723-Tisbury,Duke,MA)

                  4. Seth WEST (b.1725-Tisbury,Duke,MA;d.1732)

            3. Peter WEST

            3. Mary WEST

               sp: John COTTLE (b.1696-,Duke,MA;m.1717)

            3. William WEST (b.1691;d.1706)

            3. Sackfield WEST Dr. (b.1694-Tisbury,Duke,MA)

               sp: Mary HOWES

               sp: Ruth JENKINS

               sp: Hannah BACON

            3. Judah WEST

               sp: Bethiah KEEN (m.1718)

      2. Peter WEST (b.1648-Duxbury,Plymouth Colony,MA;d.1720-Duxbury,Plymouth Colony,MA)

         sp: Patience  (m.1674;d.1725-Plympton,MA)

            3. Mary WEST (b.1675-,Plymouth Colony)

            3. Margaret WEST (b.1678-Plymouth Colony)

               sp: Jonathan BRYANT

            3. Esther WEST (b.1680-Plympton,MA)

            3. Ann WEST (b.1682-Plympton,MA)

               sp: Elisha CURTIS (m.1705)

            3. William WEST (b.1683-Plympton,MA)

            3. Mary WEST (b.1685)

            3. Benjamin WEST (b.1688)

            3. Elisha WEST (b.1693-Plympton,MA)

               sp: Mary BEARSE (m.1718)

               sp: Martha

            3. Samuel WEST (b.1697-Plympton,MA)

      2. Ruth WEST (b.1651-Duxbury,Plymouth Colony,MA;d.1741-,Dukes,MA)

         sp: Nathaniel SKIFFE (b.1645-Sandwich,Barnstable,MA;d.1723-Windham,CT)