WEST Surname DNA Project

Family portrait by Benjamin WEST. This is a digital photo of a copy in the library in Swarthmore, PA. Subjects in the painting have been identified as: (left to right) Raphael Lamar WEST (son of Benjamin), Elizabeth Shewell (wife) holding baby Benjamin WEST Jr., Thomas WEST (half brother of Benjamin), John WEST (father of Benjamin), Benjamin WEST (1738-1820). We now have DNA representing this WEST line in our project.





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1880 census
map for WEST

Y chromosome

De La War Y-DNA

We have activated a WEST Y-DNA site on the Family Tree DNA web page. You can find that page at WEST FTDNA
Those who tested at labs other than FTDNA will not have their results shown there.

     DNA FUND for England, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland
   Our DNA fund has been depleted, and this offer is withdrawn until further notice. Contact the project coordinator, Dennis West, for information:  dwest3atutk.edu    (replace at with @)

   Update on DNA fund use:  We have sponsored eight Y-DNA37 tests, all are residents of England or Wales. One of those matches a West from Canada, one matches Family Group 29, one matches Family Group 14, and 5 did not match any other West in the project.   Thanks to everyone who has helped with this effort.

   Latest Y-DNA results:
   —W337 matches WEST Family Group 6; .
   —W366 doesn not match any other WEST in our project.
   —W367 matches WEST Family Group 19.
   —W368 matches WEST Family Group 10 .
   —W369 does not match any other WEST in our project.
   —W370 matches WEST Family Group 6.
   —W371 matches W319 forming WEST Family Group 41.
   —W372 matches W130 forming WEST Family Group 42.

   —Family Group 34 was merged into Family Group 28.

Please let us know when you have a new email address.

If your test results are posted to the results page, please be sure we have info on your oldest WEST ancestor for the ancestors page. This helps others who have no male WEST for testing to find new linkages. If you have sent information that has not been posted on the web page, please accept my apology and send me a reminder.

If you have something you want to highlight, such as genealogy breakthrough from your DNA test, or a web site that would be useful to others, send me an     dwest3atutk.edu    (replace at with @)

Welcome to our Genealogy by DNA Project for the WEST Surname.
   This genealogy by DNA project is for everyone researching the WEST surname. Adding the science of genetics to our genealogy research is helping us break down those "brick walls" and solve puzzles when there is no paper trail. We are very excited about the potential of this technology to aid in our genealogy quest, and hope that many of you will join in this effort.

    We now have Y-DNA results for 347 WEST-surnamed males, identifying 122 unrelated WEST lines. We are a very diverse genetic group. Our surname was adopted many times by people in different locations. As more WESTs participate in the project, the benefit to all WEST researchers increases.

Check our results page for the latest WEST DNA matches.

Project Status

Number of Y-DNA participants   372
Test kits returned   372
Y-DNA results posted to web page   372
Number of Family groups identified by DNA     42

We are seeking to:
1. Find new relationships for those who have reached a brick wall in their genealogical paper trail.

2. Prove or disprove suspected relationships to other WEST lines.

3. Determine the countries of origin of the many WEST lines.

4. Develop a database that combines DNA results with traditional genealogy research.
In order to participate in this Y-chromosome DNA testing project, you must be a male with the WEST surname, or have a male WEST from your line who will submit a DNA sample.

If you would like to participate, or want more information, please contact me, Dennis West:
dwest3atutk.edu   (replace at with the @ symbol to email me).
      Updated February 15, 2015.