PARKER Family DNA Project
Descendents of Elisha PARKER

This is the family represented by DNA sample P91.
Each male with the surname PARKER in this chart has a Y chromosome that is a copy of the Y chromosome of Elisha PARKER. This passing of genetic code from father to son is the key to using Y-DNA for genealogy research. Any living male with the surname PARKER, who descends from one of the PARKERs in this chart will have Y-DNA that matches P91.

Descendants of Elisha Parker
1 Elisha PARKER, b 1785-87 Gates Co NC, d 1868-69 Hertford Co NC
  +Penelope DILDAY, b 1793-95 NC, d Bef. 1870 Hertford Co NC
   2 James (Jim) PARKER, b Abt. 1825
   2 William Dossie (Doss) PARKER, b 1827 NC. d 1859 Ft. Bend Co TX
     +Suzanna Parthenia AUTRY, b 1837 AL, d 1885 Ft. Bend Co TX
     3 James Bell Preston PARKER, b 1857 Ft. Bend Co TX, d 1930 Houston TX
       +Emma Dora Fredereka WARNECKE, b 1872 Harris Co TX, d 1932 Houston TX
     3 William Dossie PARKER,b 1858-9, d 1859
   2 Martha PARKER, b Abt 1830 Hertford Co NC
   2 Emeline (Emma) PARKER, b 1832 Hertford Co NC, d Bef 1866 TX
     +Jessie BROWN, b 1819 NC, d bef 1866 TX
   2 Joseph Benjamin PARKER, b 1835-37 Hertford Co NC, d 1871 Hertford Co NC
     +Sallie (Sarah) ASKEW, b 1834 NC, d 1915 Hertford Co NC
       3 Rosa Lee PARKER, b 1859 NC, d 1900-02 NC
         +William J. BARNES, b 1860 NC m: 1882 in NC
       3 Mollie C. (Mary) PARKER, b 1861 NC, d 1952 Portsmouth VA
         +William D. COOKE, b 1855 NC, d 1910 Portmouth VA
       3 Annie Elizabeth PARKER, b 1863 NC, d 1958
         +William Christopher COOK, b 1851 NC, m: 04 May 1904
       3 Arathusa Penelope (Tucie) PARKER, b 1864, d 1956 Hertford Co NC
         +James Paul LASSITER, b 1861, d bef 1920
       3 David Michael PARKER, b 1866, d 1886
       3 James D. PARKER, b 1867, d 1895 Hertford Co NC
       3 Joseph Thomas (Elisha) PARKER, b 1870 NC, d 1933
         +Julia Petronia NEWSOM, b 1872 NC, d 1928 NC
   2 John Brice PARKER, b 1838 Hertford/Bertie Co NC, d 1921 Dallas Co TX
     +Martha Ann BARNES, b 1834 Hertford Co NC, d 1884-86 Dallas Co TX
       3 Alice Amanda PARKER, b 1857 Bertie Co NC, d 1937 Dallas Co TX
         +James A. SMITH, b 1854 NC, d 1902 Dallas Co TX
       3 William Doss (Dossie) PARKER, b 1859 Bertie Co NC, d 1929 Hill Co TX
         +Mittie Elizabeth BROCK, b 1859 NC, d bef 1902 TX
           *2nd Wife of William Doss (Dossie) Parker
         +Ada Ophelia WALKER, b abt 1879 AL, m abt 1902 TX
       3 Ruzela Catherine PARKER, b 1861 Bertie Co NC, d 1922 Dallas Co TX
         +John L DAUGHERTY, b 1860 NC, d 1913 Grand Prairie TX
       3 James W. (Jim) PARKER, b 1863 NC, d aft 1930 TX
         +Frances J.,  b 1867 TX, d 1920-30 TX
       3 Eloise W. (Ella) PARKER, b abt 1867 Bertie Co NC, d aft 1930
         +Lewis HOLMES, b 1864 ILL, d bef 1930
       3 Elisha J. (Asher) PARKER, b 1870 Bertie Co NC, d abt 1889 Dallas Co TX
       3 Olivia (Lizzy) PARKER, b 1871 NC, d NC
       3 Lula PARKER, b 1875 NC, d 1961 Grand Prairie TX
         +Henry F. LATHAM, b 1876 NC, d 1910 Grand Prairie TX
       3 Martha Ann (Pat) Elizabeth PARKER, b 1879 NC, d bef 1930
         +David Bliss LUCAS, b 1873 MO, d bef 1930
     *2nd Wife of John Brice Parker
     +Mary Maglene (Mollie) ROGERS, b 1865 Tarrant Co TX, d 1909 Dallas Co TX
       3 Joseph Benjamin PARKER, b 1887 Dallas Co TX, d 1954 Dallas Co TX
         +Bessie Lee McCULLLOUGH, b 1898, d 1998 Dallas Co, TX
       3 Tally Fobs PARKER Sr, b 1889 Dallas Co TX, d 1972 Dallas Co TX
         +Bertie Mae MATHEWS, b 1907 Teneha TX, d 1996 Tyler TX
       3 Emma Lee PARKER, b 1891 Dallas Co TX, d 1982 Dallas Co TX
         +Charles Terrel WARD, b abt 1889 TX, d 1952 Dallas Co TX
       3 Beatrice PARKER, b 1893 Dallas Co TX, d 1990 Lubbock Co TX
         +Lawrence Earl KING, b 1888 TX, d 1964 TX
       3 Robert Fulton PARKER, b 1895 Dallas Co TX, d 1982 Sulphur Springs TX
         +Parthenia Louise BRAIM, b abt 1895 TX, m abt 1922
       3 Lucy PARKER, b 1898 Dallas Co TX, d 1996 Tarrant Co TX
         +Clemment STEWART, b 1895 Dallas Co TX, d 1972 Dallas Co TX
       3 Myrtle PARKER, b 1900 Dallas Co TX, d 1991 Dallas Co TX
       3 Susie PARKER, b 1903, d 1903 Dallas Co TX
       3 Howard Franklin PARKER, b 1904 Dallas Co TX, d 1990 Dallas Co TX
         +Bess HALEY, b 1903 Dallas Co TX, d 2002 Dallas Co TX

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