PARKER Family DNA Project
Descendents of Saul PARKER

This is the family represented by DNA sample P37
Each male with the surname PARKER in this chart has a Y chromosome that is a copy of the Y chromosome of Saul PARKER.   This passing of genetic code from father to son is the key to using Y-DNA for genealogy research.  Any living male with the surname PARKER, who is descended from one of the PARKERs in this chart, will have DNA that matches P37.

Descendents of Saul PARKER

1. Saul Parker, b Abt 1740, d 1786; Northampton Co., NC

    + Charity Jenkins

        2. Daniel Parker

        2. Amos Parker

        2. Winborne Parker

        2. David Parker, b 1761, d 1814; Northampton, Halifax Anson Co., NC

           +Elizabeth ANDREWS HAYES

           3. Elias Hayes, b 1783 (son of Elizabeth ANDREWS & Elias HAYES)

           3. Rebecca PARKER, b 1788; Northampton Co., NC

               +Roderick B. GARY 

           3. Lemuel PARKER,  b 1790, d 1856; Northampton Co., NC Russell (Lee) Co., GA, Dale Co., AL

              + Elizabeth CARPENTER

              4. Penelope PARKER,  b 1820, d  1900; Anson Co., NC?, Dale Co., AL

                  + John Lewis DELONEY

              4. Betsy PARKER, , b abt 1821-1825 GA?  d age 7

              4. Amos PARKER, b 1826, d 1891; GA, Dale Co., AL

                  + Frances ?

              4. Henry Zachariah PARKER, b 1828, d 1900; GA, Dale Co., AL

                 + Ellen HARRIS

                 + Sarah Carroll (second wife of Henry PARKER)

              4. John William PARKER, b 1831, d 1909; GA, Dale Co., AL

                 +Mary Ann McDONALD

              4. Lemuel PARKER, Jr.,  b 1835, d 1908; GA, Dale Co., AL, Nolan Co., TX

                 +Nancy Jane GODWIN

              4. Thomas Jefferson PARKER, b 1837,  d 1862; GA, MS

              4. David PARKER, b 1840, d 1862; Russell (Lee) Co., AL, Dale Co., AL

              4. Joseph PARKER, b 1844, d 1933; Russell (Lee) Co., AL, Dale Co., AL

                 + Hannah McDONALD   

           3. Samuel PARKER, b 1792, d 1878; Jackson Co., KY

              + Sally Beecher DATE 

           3. Richard PARKER, b 1795

           3. Israel PARKER, b 1796; Anson Co., NC, Dale Co., AL

               + Catharine CARPENTER

           3. Temperance PARKER, b 1798; Anson Co., NC

                + William H. MARTIN

           3. Penelope PARKER, b 1801; Anson Co., NC

               + John Martin   

           3. Sandrew David PARKER, b 1805; VA, Heard Co., GA, Butts Co., GA, Randolph Co., AL.

               + Mary REEDY,

               + Jane (second wife of Sandrew PARKER)

           3. John Miles PARKER, b 1808;  Russell (Lee) Co., AL

               + Elizabeth OWENS

A descendent of Joseph PARKER, b 1844, submitted DNA sample P37.
Special note: Thelston (Felson) Parker & Elizabeth Edwards (Trotter)----Russell (Lee) Co., AL. He is listed in the Lemuel Parker Family Bible but we do not think he is the child of David and Elizabeth Parker. If you have more information on Thelston please let us know.

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