PARKER Family DNA Project
Descendents of Henry PARKER

This is the family represented by DNA sample P31

Each male with the surname PARKER in this chart has a Y chromosome that is a copy of the Y chromosome of Henry PARKER.   This passing of genetic code from father to son is the key to using Y-DNA for genealogy research.  Any living male with the surname PARKER, who is descended from one of the PARKERs in this chart, will have DNA that matches sample P31. This line now has a web page for their genealogy, click on P31 to visit that site.

1. HENRY PARKER,  b 1780 N.C.

    + Rachel unk.

    2. Lucinda? PARKER, b 1814

    2. Winnifred E. PARKER,  b 1816 SC

        + Jeremiah M. WILCOT/WOOLCOTT, married 1832 in Clinton Co. IL

    2. Lovie? PARKER, b1815 SC

    2. Sarah PARKER, b 1818 SC

        +Isaac CONNELLY, married in Pope Co AR

    2. Alexander PARKER, b1819?

    2. Edward PARKER, b 1821 SC

        + Mary Jane HILL, married in Pope Co AR

    2. Redrick/Reddick PARKER,  b 1822 SC

        + Lucinda Caroline HILL, married in Pope Co AR

    2. Hester Jane PARKER, b 1825 SC

        + Erasmus D. FORD

    2. Henry PARKER, Jr, b 1827 SC

        + Nancy BLACK ( and possibly Elizabeth QUARLES in TX)

    2. John L. PARKER,  b1832 IL

    2. Wilson J. PARKER,  b1834 IL

    2. George Washington PARKER,  b 1836 AR

        + Eliza Jane WOOLMAN TROXELL married 1864 in Woodson Co KS

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