PARKER Family DNA Project
Descendents of William PARKER
This is the family represented by DNA sample P239

Each male with the surname PARKER in this chart has a Y chromosome that is a copy of the Y chromosome of William PARKER.   This passing of genetic code from father to son is the key to using Y-DNA for genealogy research.  Any living male with the surname PARKER, who is descended from one of the PARKERs in this chart, will have Y-DNA that matches sample P239.

1.  William PARKER, b 1604 England, d abt 1655 Nansemond Co VA

     +  Unknown

      2.  Richard PARKER I, b abt 1624 Nansemond Co VA, d abt 1681 Nanesmond Co VA

          + Unknown

           3.  Richard PARKER II, b unk, d 1698-1704 Nansemond Co VA

                + Unknown

                 4.  Richard PARKER III, b abt 1676 Nansemond Co VA, d abt 1750 Chowan Co NC

                      + Unknown

                      5.  Jonathan PARKER, b bef 1700 Nansemond Co VA, d 1788 Granville Co NC

                           + Ann COPELAND

                            6.  Elijah PARKER, b 1768 Granville Co NC, d 1853 Bedfored Co TN

                                 + Mary HARRIS

                                 7.  Richard PARKER, b 1795 Granville Co NC, d 1839 Choctaw Co MS

                                      + Priscilla EPPS

                                      8.  James H. PARKER, b 1834 Choctaw Co MS, d 1910 Webster Co MS

                                          + Sallie HEMPHILL

                                           9.  James E. PARKER, b 1887 Webster Co MS, d 1971 Montgomery Co MS

                                               + Homie JOHNSON

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