PARKER Family DNA Project
Descendents of James PARKER

This is the family represented by DNA sample P140
Each male with the surname PARKER in this chart has a Y chromosome that is a copy of the Y chromosome of James PARKER.   This passing of genetic code from father to son is the key to using Y-DNA for genealogy research.  Any living male with the surname PARKER, who descends from one of the PARKERs in this chart, will have Y-DNA that matches P140.

1. James PARKER, b 1787 NC
    + Sarah, b abt 1793 NC
     2. John M. PARKER, b 1822 TN, d 1863 Thompsonville IL
         +Susannah WAKEFIELD, b 1822
           3. James W. PARKER, b 1840, d 1921
              +Nancy Jane BAIN
           3.  Daniel Mills PARKER, b 1842, d 1847
           3.  Matilda Ann PARKER, b 1845
                +James DUNCAN
           3. Haley Simpson PARKER, b 1847, d  Crawford Co AR
              +S. E. GARGES
           3. Johnathan Hickman PARKER, b 1851, d 1921
               +Amanda Jane WARREN
           3. John Graves PARKER, b 1857, d 1947
               +Nancy Jane ISAACS, b 1862, d 1894
               4. Myrtle PARKER, b1880, d 1953
                  +George McKOWN
               4. Bertha PARKER, b 1882, d 1972
                   +Millard McLERRIN
                   4. Maggie PARKER, b 1884, d 1961
                      +John ARMS
                   4. Robert Elmer PARKER, b1887,  d 1979 Van Buren AR
                       +Mary Alice MOSES,  b 1891, d 1979 Van Buren AR
                   4. James PARKER, b 1892,  d.1973
                   4. Paul PARKER, b 1894
                   4. Alvie PARKER

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