PARKER Family DNA Project
Descendents of John W. PARKER

This is the family represented by DNA sample P08

Each male with the surname PARKER in this chart has a Y chromosome that is a copy of the Y chromosome of John W. PARKER.   This passing of genetic code from father to son is the key to using Y-DNA for genealogy research.  Any living male with the surname PARKER, who is descended from one of the PARKERs in this chart, will have DNA that matches sample P08.

1. John W PARKER b. 1860 Itawamba Co. MS, d 1924, LeFlore Co. OK
    +Frances Emily HILL, b 1866 Logan Co. AR, d 1929 LeFlore Co. OK
     2. Oscar Elihue PARKER, b 1885, d 1945
         +Addie May CURTIS, b 1890 OK, d before 1920 at OK
     2. Luther James PARKER, b 1887 Indian Territory, OK, d 1959 LeFlore Co. OK
         +Marjorie Rosa ROGERS, b 1890, d 1956 at LeFlore Co. OK
     2. Emma A PARKER, b 1890 Indian Territory, OK, d. 1930
         +Henry CANDELL, b. circa 1889,
         +James BURKES, b. circa 1889,
#  2. Louis Emory PARKER, b 1891 LeFlore Co. OK, d 1950, Fresno Co. CA
         +Martha Colony LYNN, b 1886 Izard Co. AR, d 1946 Los Angelas Co. CA
           3. Russell Winifred PARKER, b 1913 McIntosh Co. OK, d 1966 Fresno Co. CA
              +Geraldine Ilene SMITH, b 1920 Scott Co. IA, d 1993 Fresno Co. CA
           3. Velma Lorraine PARKER, b 1917 McIntosh Co. OK, d 1977, Los Angeles Co. CA
     2. Jay PARKER, b 1893 Indian Territory OK, d 1941
         +Della ? b 1895 OK
     2. Dollie PARKER, b 1895 Indian Territory, OK, d 1922
         +Thomas HOOD, b. circa 1895
     2. Adelia PARKER, b 1898 Indian Territory OK, d. 1951
         + Edward WEEKS, b circa 1898
     2. Mary T PARKER, b 1900 Indian Territory, OK, d. 1900
     2. John W Jr PARKER, b 1901 Indian Territory OK, d 1955
     2. Fred Oliver PARKER, b 1903 Indian Territory OK, d 1960
     2. Beulah May PARKER, b 1904 Indian Territory OK, d 1975
     2 Minnie Lee PARKER, b 1910, LeFlore Co. OK, d 1982

# A descendent of Louis Emory PARKER provided DNA sample P08

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