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We have activated a PARKER Y-DNA web page on the Family Tree DNA web site. The results are shown by test kit number, and results from other testing labs cannot be shown. Click here to visit that site: FTDNA PARKER
  Updated:   December 2014

   Wayne Parker has a web page for PARKER Family Group 7 at:   FG 7

   —P409 matches P304, forming PARKER Family Group 44.
   —P412 and P422 match PARKER Family Group 7.
   —P414 does not match any other PARKER male in our project.
   —P415 does not match any other PARKER male in our project.
   —P416 matches P62, forming PARKER Family Group 45.
   —P417 matches PARKER Family Group 5.
   —P418 matches PARKER Family Group 6.
   —P421 does not match any other PARKER male in our project.
   —P423 does not match any other PARKER male in our project.
   —P424 does not match any other PARKER male in our project.

   —Family Group 14 has been merged into Family Group 10.
   —Family Group 27 has been merged into Family Group 8.
   —Family Group 4 has been merged into Family Group 16.

   —Family Group numbers have been added to the ancestors page.

   Click on Results at left.

Please let us know when you have a new email address.

If your test results are posted to the results page, please be sure we have info on your oldest PARKER for the ancestors page. This helps others who have no male PARKER for testing find new linkages.

If you have something you want to highlight, such as genealogy breakthrough from your DNA test, or a web site that would be useful to others, send me an email.

Click on Results to see the latest Parker DNA matches.

Special Offers
Descendents of Thomas PARKER b 1814 New Jersey, will pay for a Y-DNA test of a PARKER surnamed male who descends from Samuel PARKER, b 1785 New Jersey, and his wife Barsheba CHEESMAN. Contact the project coordinator for more information.

If you have ancestors with the surname PARKER, we invite you to join us in this project. DNA analysis for genealogy research may help us discover information about our families that would not be possible using traditional genealogy research methods.

Paper records may be lost, but our DNA is a direct link to our ancestors who lived hundreds of years ago. We do not expect to find our ancestors who lived during biblical times, but going back to the period when surnames were adopted is a possibility.

373 PARKER Y-DNA tests have identified 144 different PARKER lines. We are a very diverse group genetically, and our surname was adopted many times by people in different locations.
Project Status report
Number of Y-DNA Participants   375
Test kits returned  373
Results posted to web page  373
Number of Family groups identified by DNA  46

        Our project is seeking to:
1. Prove or disprove suspected relationships to other PARKER lines

2. Find new clues for those who have reached a dead end in their genealogy research.

3. Verify that your genealogy record is correct.

4. Develop a database that combines DNA results with traditional genealogy research.
In order to participate in this Y-chromosome DNA project, you must be a male with the PARKER surname, or have a male PARKER from your line who will submit a DNA sample.

If you would like to participate, or want more information, please contact the, Group coordinator.

Greg Parker, project co-administrator, also has a web page for PARKER DNA and genealogy, please visit his PARKER site.

   Updated: December 2014.