The Engineering Science Department (now merged with Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering) has offered an undergraduate concentration in biomedical engineering since the early 1970's. Approximately 80 students are enrolled in this option, with about 20 graduating each year. Efforts are presently underway to create a degree program in Biomedical Engineering within the department. A graduate option in biomedical engineering is also available. Currently, six faculty members are affiliated with the program. Faculty areas of expertise include biomechanics, cellular mechanics, biomedical fluid flow and artificial organ design, micro- circulatory mechanics, aerospace medicine, and clinical medicine.

Undergraduate course offerings in biomedical engineering include:

ESM 271 Introduction to Biomedical Engineering
ESM 471 Clinical Engineering and Bioinstrumentation
ESM 473 Biomechanics
ESM 475 Design of Artificial Internal Organs
ESM 476 Transport Phenomena in Living and Life Support Systems
MSE 474 Biomaterials

Graduate courses include:

ESM 571 Biomechanics of Hard and Soft Tissues
ESM 572 Biomedical Fluid Mechanics

This program is appropriate both for those who are interested in a career in biomedical engineering and for students intending to apply to graduate school or medical school.

Further information pertaining to individual faculty may be obtained from their home pages.

John Forrester Biomedical fluid flow
Rich Jendrucko Biomedical fluids and artificial organs
Tom Moriarty Solid mechanics of biological systems
Jack Wasserman Biomechanics and clinical medicine
Judy Cezeaux Cellular biomechanics
Evans Lyne Clinical and aerospace medicine

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