LEGIO V ALAUDAE - Caesars Fifth Legion: The Larks

A Roman reenactment group in Tennessee

Welcome to The newest, best, and only Roman legion reenactment group in Tennessee. The goal of our group is to provide a historically accurate recreation of people in the Roman empire from roughly 100 BC to 100 AD. We have legionaries, civilians, a couple barbarians, and are always looking for MORE! We are also a registered University of Tennessee Student Organization, but we have members from all over Tennessee.

Upcoming Events
(Updated 9-23)

Interest Meeting for New UT Members
October 6, 2008
Humanities Building
time and room number TBA

Military Timeline: Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History 9-12 October
Kennesaw, GA
Legio XI Host

Castra Romana 2008
12-17 November 2008
Givhans Ferry, SC (Leg VI Host)

Latin Day at the University of Tennessee
18 November 2008
University of Tennessee Knoxville
Hosted by the Dept. of Classics

Demonstration at Springfield Middle School
December 15, 2008
Clarksville, TN
to be proceeded and followed by members only workshop days

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Where we are Based

A little bit of everywhere. We have regular meetings on the UT Campus on the First and Third mondays of every month from 6:00-8:00. For more meeting info, you'll have to join the yahoo group or e-mail the centurion. We also have workshops at members homes from time to time, and go to events as far as Maryland, South Carolina, and Alabama.

Leadership and Organization

We have a military style organization. Robert Wear is the centurion, and pretty much acts like a dictator to ensure historical accuracy and unity. However, we put most things to a vote with the members to make decisions. After all, if members aren't happy we won't have members.

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The fifth legion was used in (or maybe I should say was created for) the production of "Marius" which won second place in the National History Day competition at the University of Tennessee. We went on to the second level of the competition, but were disqualified for using too many people. (which I might add I never, to this day, found in the rule book) Anyway, I'm still proud of the film and below is the award we recieved. The film was Produced and Directed by Robert Wear, filmed and edited by Michael Mcmahon, with computer graphics by Nick Shaeffer.