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Salvador Bartera
Senior Lecturer
Department of Classics 
1101 McClung Tower 
The University of Tennessee 
Knoxville, TN 37996-0413

Phone: (865) 974-5383 
Fax: (865) 974-7173

Research Interests:

  • Latin literature; Historiography; Classical Tradition and Reception


  • Ph.D., Classics, University of Virginia (May 2008). Dissertation: A Commentary on Tacitus, Annals 16.1-20 (Advisor: A.J. Woodman)
  • Laurea (= M.A.) with Honors, Classical Languages, University of Urbino, Italy (July 2002). Thesis: La Flavia di Bernardino Stefonio: revisione del testo e alcuni problemi (Advisor: C. Questa)


  • 2013-Present — Senior Lecturer, Department of Classics, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  • 2006-2013 — Lecturer, Department of Classics, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  • 2005-2006 (and 1998-2002) — Lecturer (Italian and Latin), Department of Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  • 2003-2005 — Teaching Assistant, Department of Classics, University of Virginia
  • 1999 (fall) — Lecturer in Italian, ERASMUS Program, University of Urbino


  • Latin language: all undergraduate levels, prose and poetry, and intensive beginning Latin
  • Greek language: all undergraduate levels, prose and poetry (including New Testament Greek)
  • Roman Civilization (lecture courses in translation): beginning and intermediate
  • Italian: language, literature, and culture



  • “Year-beginnings in the Neronian Books of Tacitus’ Annals”, Museum Helveticum 68 (2011): 161-181
  •  “Horace’s Carmen Saeculare: A Case of Reception among the Jesuits”, Paideia 66 (2011): 299-320
  • “Commentary Writing on the Annals of Tacitus”, in C.S. Kraus, and C.A. Stray (edd.), Classical Commentaries: Exploration in a Scholarly Genre (Oxford, 2014). Forthcoming
  • “Intertextual Readings in the Annals of Tacitus” (in preparation)


  • J. Marincola (ed.), Greek and Roman Historiography (Oxford, 2011). RSR (forthcoming)
  • V.E. Pagán, A Companion to Tacitus (Malden, MA and Oxford, 2012). CR 63.2 (2013): 460-2
  • T.A. Joseph, Tacitus the Epic Successor. Virgil, Lucan, and the Narrative of Civil War in the Histories (Leiden-Boston, 2012). BMCR 2013.05.17
  • C.B. Krebs, A Most Dangerous Book. Tacitus’ Germania from the Roman Empire to the Third Reich (New York and London, 2011). CR 62.1 (2012): 186-8
  • R. Mellor, Tacitus’ Annals (Oxford, 2011). BMCR 2011.08.49
  • D. Sailor, Writing and Empire in Tacitus (Cambridge, 2008). CJ 106.4 (2011): 498-502
  • C. Caruso and A. Laird, Italy and the Classical Tradition: Language, Thought and Poetry 1300-1600 (London, 2009). IJCT 18.1 (2011): 137-43
  • A. Kamm, The Romans: An Introduction (London & New York, 2008²). BMCR 2009.04.14
  • R. Ash, Tacitus Histories Book II (Cambridge, 2007). Exemplaria Classica 12 (2008): 407-14
  • “A proposito di due recenti studi tacitiani” [R. Ash, Tacitus (London, 2006) and F. Santoro L’hoir, Tragedy, Rhetoric and the Historiography of Tacitus’ Annales (Ann Arbor, 2006)]. RFIC 135 (2007): 249-55
  • R. Ash, Tacitus (London, 2006). Classical Outlook 84.4 (Summer 2007): 180
  • D.H. Garrison, The Student’s Catullus (Norman, OK, 2004³). BMCR 2005.09.69


  • Tennessee Foreign Language Teaching Workshop. West High School, Knoxville, April 2013
  • "Roman Religion.” Latin Day, University of Tennessee, November 2012
  • Tennessee Foreign Language Teaching Workshop. Knoxville Catholic High School, April 2012
  • “Julius Caesar.” Latin Day, University of Tennessee, November 2011
  • “The History of Words: Latin Alive.” Latin Day, University of Tennessee, November 2010
  • “The Lost World of Pompeii.” Latin Day, University of Tennessee, November 2009
  • “The Emperor Nero.” Latin Day, University of Tennessee, November 2008
  • “Tacitus’ Nero.” Oak Ridge Institute for Continued Learning, December 2007
  • “The Death of Petronius in the Annals of Tacitus.” Latin Day, University of Tennessee, November 2007


Scholarly Activities

Research Periods Abroad

  • Research Scholarship at the Fondation Hardt, Switzerland (June 2008)
  • Seminar in Greek Archaeology. Pergamonmuseum, Berlin (January 1997)
  • Archaeological Excavation. Etruscan site of Caere (Summer 1996)
  • Erasmus Seminar für Klassische Philologie. Universität Eichstätt (Spring 1996)

Scholarly Conferences and Seminars

  • “Tacitus’ Vergil: Intertextual Readings in the Annals”. University of Virginia, April 2013
  • “Commentary Writing on the Annals of Tacitus”. Classical Commentaries Seminar. Corpus Christi College, Oxford, 10 November 2012 (in absentia); and Seattle, APA 2013
  • Latin Prose Commentaries Workshop. University of Liverpool, January 2012
  • HBO’s Rome and its Audience Reception in America, England and Italy” (co-authored with C. Stocks, University of Nijmegen), Cinema and Antiquity, University of Liverpool, July 2011
  • “‘Anomalous’ beginnings in the Neronian Books of Tacitus’ Annals.” CAMWS 2010
  • Commentary Writers Workshop. Georgetown University, February 2009
  • “The Annals of Tacitus and the Literature of the exitus illustrium virorum.” North Carolina State University, February 2009 (invited lecture)
  • “‘An Extraneous Interlude’? How Tacitus Begins Annals 16.” CAMWS 2007
  • “Un commento al Libro 16 degli Annali di Tacito: problemi e metodologia.” Seminar, University of Urbino, Italy, May 2006
  • “Classical Reception in the Jesuit Theater: the Flavia of Stefonio.” CAMWS 2006
  • “The Weni Widi Wici Project: A Critical Approach to Internet Resources for Classicists.” Ancient Studies–New Technologies III. James Madison University, December 2004


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