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“Reproductions of the Fellini Mystique in Anglo Popular Culture”

Frank Burke
Queens University
Wednesday, March 5, 2014
Hodges Library Auditorium

Professor Frank Burke, internationally known scholar of Italian cinema and director Federico Fellini, will be on campus to deliver a lecture on Wednesday, March 5 at 3:30 in Hodges Library Auditorium.  A Professor of Film Studies at Queens University, Burke is the author, among others, of Federico Fellini: From Postwar to Postmodern and co-editor of Federico Fellini: Contemporary Perspectives.  The event is free, and the members of the University and Knoxville communities are invited to attend.

The talk—“Reproductions of the Fellini Mystique in Anglo Popular Culture”--will focus on the widespread influence of Fellini and his films on English-language movies, television, and popular culture.  Professor Burke gives us a sneak preview.

As the number of Fellinian terms and phrases that have come to circulate in English—felliniesque, la dolce vita, paparazzi—would suggest, Federico Fellini has been assimilated into English-speaking culture in a way that exceeds and is in some ways irrelevant to the impact of his films. I will be exploring various extra-filmic meanings of “Fellini” through a discussion of how his media- and self-generated persona have intersected with ideological moments and issues in the English-speaking world over the past 40 or so years. I will also focus on relatively recent appropriations of Fellini--episodes of Northern Exposure and 3rd Rock From the Sun and the homage/parodies of French and Saunders—in order to draw some conclusions about what “Fellini” has come to mean within our culture. Because I am more interested in the extra-filmic, rather than filmic, Fellini, I will address appropriations that are more generally “felliniesque” rather than homage/reworkings of particular films (e.g., Stardust Memories, All That Jazz, Nine).

Professor Burke’s visit is sponsored by the Cinema Studies Program and the Departments of English and Modern Foreign Languages. 

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