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BLACK@UT is published annually in April. The newsletter features human interest stories and highlights the accomplishments of Black faculty, staff, students, and community members.

Submission Guidelines

If you are interested in writing an article review the submission guidelines and email proposals to

Please review the following information when submitting articles for the newsletter:

Text Format


Authors are responsible for supplying their own images for their articles. Authors must obtain proper permissions for the use of ALL images. The images MUST be submitted in TIFF or JPEG format. Please include the file names with captions for each item.

Submission Deadlines

Intent to publish an article must be confirmed by the 15th day of the month before publication. The newsletter is published annually around the 1st of the month April. This means the authors must be confirmed by March 15th. All submission materials, including text, images etc., for the article itself must be received 2 weeks before the publication date, which for the spring newsletter is April 1st.

The editorial staff provides the proposed themes for each publication. Additional suggestions are always welcome. To propose an article, please send an e-mail describing your topic and your angle to Authors will receive electronic confirmation of receipt of the proposal and/or submission. If the proposal is accepted (i.e., focus of the issue and based on the availability of space); authors will be responsible for the preparation and submission of the article per guidelines. Article proposals should be submitted as early as possible to assist with the planning.


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