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2012-13 Year End Report

The goals and objectives were: to advocate for a Vice Chancellor for Diversity (Chief Diversity Officer); solidify student and alumni particpation and membership; and enhance staff development. We believe that all three goals were met. Members of the executive committee participated in luncheons and community forums during the interview process for a Chief Diversity Officer/Vice-Chancellor for Diversity. Mr. Rickey Hall was selected as UTK’s first Chief Diversity Officer/Vice-Chancellor for Diversity. To increase student and alumni participation the Bylaws committee proposed recommendations to expand membership, i.e., student representatives will be the president(s) of BCPC and NAACP, and SGA. In addition, the ex-officio membership will include the president(s) of the UTK Black Alumni Council (voting) and UT Alumni (non-voting). The website was completely overhauled to streamline information and attract more readership. Over the past 2 years, we have retrieved and archived countless reports, refereed journal articles, theses, etc. to the CFB’s online repository, TRACE. It is our belief that the aforementioned efforts will strengthen the commission.

Continuing professional development is important because it ensures the organization that employees continue to be competent in their profession. In September 2012, the Access and Diversity Fund committee hosted a brown bag luncheon to facilitate a dialogue on professional growth . A representative from the Human Resources office provided an overview of the Access and Diversity fund and the eligibility criteria . Th e event was videotaped and is now available on the CFB's website. This resource focuses on the developmental needs of staff as well as professional t raining opportunities which will enable them to develop a supportive network.

t is our belief that the aforementioned efforts have strengthen ed the commission's ability to fulfill its obligation s . Our membership and leaders hip is comprised of Black faculty, staff and students, and allies who are committed to the aspirational goals of the Univesirty of Tennessee, Knoxville. We look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with the Vice - Chancellor for Diversity.


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