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Full CV

Published and Forthcoming

  • Bruce, Donald J., Celeste K. Carruthers, Matthew C. Harris, Matthew N. Murray, and Jinseong Park. (2019). Do In-Kind Grants Stick? The Department of Defense 1033 program and local government spending. Journal of Urban Economics 112: 111-121 (Last working paper version: PDF)
  • Carruthers, Celeste K. and Jilleah G. Welch. Not Whether, but Where? Pell Grants and College Choices. Journal of Public Economics 172:1-19 (Last working paper version: PDF)
  • Carruthers, Celeste K. and Thomas Sanford. Way Station or Launching Pad? Unpacking the Returns to Adult Technical Education. Journal of Public Economics 165: 146-159. (Pre-publication draft here, Appendix here)
  • Kim, Bongkyun, Celeste K. Carruthers, and Matthew C. Harris. Maternal Stress and Birth Outcomes: Evidence from the 1994 Northridge Earthquake. (2017). Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 140: 354-373.
  • Carruthers, Celeste K. and Marianne H. Wanamaker. Separate and Unequal in the Labor Market: Human Capital and the Jim Crow Wage Gap. (2017). Journal of Labor Economics 35(3): 655-696.
  • Carruthers, Celeste K. and Marianne H. Wanamaker. Returns to School Resources in the Jim Crow South. (2017). Explorations in Economic History 64: 104-110.
  • Carruthers, Celeste K. and Umut Ozek. (2016). Losing HOPE: Financial Aid and the Line Between College and Work. Economics of Education Review 53: 1-15. Pre-publication draft here.
  • Carruthers, Celeste K. and William F. Fox (2016). Aid for all: College coaching, financial aid, and postsecondary persistence in Tennessee. Economics of Education Review 51: 97-112.
  • Carruthers, Celeste K. and Marianne H. Wanamaker. (2015). Municipal Housekeeping: The Impact of Women's Suffrage on the Provision of Public Education. The Journal of Human Resources 50 (4): 837-872.
  • Carruthers, Celeste K. and Donald J. Bruce. Jackpot? The Impact of Lottery Scholarships on Enrollment in Tennessee. (2014). Journal of Urban Economics 81: 30-44.
  • Carruthers, Celeste K. and Marianne H. Wanamaker (2013). Closing the Gap? The Effect of Private Philanthropy on the Provision of African-American Schooling in the U.S. South. Journal of Public Economics 101, 53-67.
  • Carruthers, Celeste K. (2012). The Qualifications and Classroom Performance of Teachers Moving to Charter Schools. Education Finance and Policy, 7(3), 223-268.
  • Carruthers, Celeste K. (2012). New Schools, New Students, New Teachers: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Charter Schools. Economics of Education Review, 31(2), 280-292.

Working Papers

  • Carruthers, Celeste K. and Kara S. Mitchell. Are `Education Lotteries' Less Regressive? Evidence from Texas. (revised and resubmitted) (PDF)
  • Ozek, Umut, Celeste K. Carruthers, and Kristian Holden. Teacher value-added in charter schools and traditional public schools. (link to CALDER paper)
  • Carruthers, Celeste K., William F. Fox, and Christopher Jepsen. Promise kept? Free community college, attainment, and earnings in Tennessee. (in progress)
  • Carruthers, Celeste K., Carolyn J. Heinrich, and Kalena Cortes. Why Does Mentoring Matter? The Effect of Non-Financial Support on College Enrollment and Persistence. (in progress)
  • Carruthers, Celeste K., J. Scott Holladay, and Bongkyun Kim. The Barking Smog? Air Quality, Power Plants, and Student Cognition. (in progress)
  • Carruthers, Celeste K., William F. Fox, Larry Kessler, and Matthew N. Murray. Tax compliance in the Amazon. (in progress)

Policy Briefs and Other Publications

  • Carruthers, Celeste K. (2019). 5 things to know about the Tennessee Promise scholarship. Brown Center Chalkboard, Brookings Institution. (online)
  • Carruthers, Celeste K. and Jilleah G. Welch. (2019). Can Financial Aid (Re)Connect Students to Colege? Evidence from Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology. (forthcoming)
  • Carruthers, Celeste K. and Jonathon Attridge. (2019). College and Work after High School for Tennessee Career and Technical Education Students. (online)
  • Carruthers, Celeste K., David Figlio, and Tim Sass. (2018). Did tenure reform in Florida affect student test scores? Evidence Speaks Reports 2(52): May 17, 2018. (online)
  • Carruthers, Celeste K. "Tennessee is Showing how Free Tuition Works." (online, New York Times, Room for Debate, 1/20/2016).

Contributions to Edited Volumes

  • Encyclopedia of Education Economics and Finance (2014). Brewer, D.J. and Picus, L.O. (Eds.), Sage. Entries for "Adult Education," "G.I. Bill" (with Justin Roush), "Pell Grants" (with Jilleah Welch), and "Vocational Education."
  • Blair, Roger D. and Carruthers, Celeste K. (2010). The Economics of Monopoly Power in Antitrust. Antitrust Law & Economics, Keith Hylton (Ed.), Edward Elgar.
  • Carruthers, Celeste K. (2008). Twombly and the Evolution of Telecom Regulation. Antitrust Bulletin, 53(1), 95-116


  • Carruthers, Celeste, and Wanamaker, Marianne. County-level school enrollment and resources in ten segregated Southern states, 1910-1940. Ann Arbor, MI: Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research [distributor], 2019-05-06.

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