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You are invited to attend the first workshop focused solely on Golden-winged Warbler conservation throughout their range (breeding and non-breeding grounds). During this event, we will initiate development of a conservation strategy for the species through research, education, and management.

Come enjoy the Northwoods setting and take advantage of the many recreational opportunities in the area. Bring your family and make this a working vacation you'll never forget. There are many family-oriented activities in the Lodge Village and the surrounding area to keep your family entertained while you are at the workshop. Extra meal tickets are available for them to participate in the social events.


 Workshop Objectives

1. Increase awareness of Golden-winged Warbler conservation status throughout its range (see map below).

2. Examine the evidence for possible causes for Golden-winged Warbler declines and explore some of the issues related to reversing those declines.

3. Identify gaps in knowledge and develop priorities for coordinated Golden-winged Warbler research.

4. Explore management opportunities for reversing Golden-winged Warbler declines in the context of all-bird conservation.

5. Develop a conservation plan for Golden-winged Warblers that includes research, management strategies, regional coordination, and monitoring.

6. Develop a coordination plan for information sharing and conservation action follow-through.

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 Who Should Attend

Researchers - from public agencies, universities, tribes, and the private sector

Conservation Planners - folks involved with forest, wetland, bird, and land use planning

Land Managers - foresters, biologists, and property managers working with forests, shrubby wetlands, utility rights-of-way, reclaimed mine sites, idle farmland, barrens, and early successional habitats.

Conservation Organizations - bird clubs/organizations, hunting clubs, forest and wetland associations

Educators, Naturalists, and Communicators - especially folks with ideas and resources for implementing bird conservation actions

Landowners - both private and public, particularily those who know that Golden-winged Warblers use their property

Anyone interested in helping this species

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 Program Overview

Wednesday, August 10th

All Day: Symposium on Golden-winged Warbler status, research, and management from throughout the breeding and non-breeding range of the species. The goal is to bring everybody up to speed by updating the basics with the most current discoveries. bbbbbb

Evening: Experience a Wisconsin tradition and join your colleagues for the evening fish boil and cash bar.


Thursday, August 11th:

Morning: Field tour and discussion of Golden-winged Warbler breeding habitats and management strategies in the Upper Midwest.

Afternoon: Work groups will develop 5-year research, management, and conservation priorities.


Friday, August 12th:

Morning: Work groups reconvene to solidify a process for continuing coordination and follow-through of research and conservation priorities.


Saturday, August 13th:

Stay an extra day and join us on a post-workshop field trip to explore one of two crown jewels of the Northwoods, the St. Croix National Scenic Waterway and Crex Meadows Wildlife Area. Both areas are known for their great birding opportunities and are important sites for golden-winged warblers.

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iPost-workshop Field Trips on Saturday, August 13th

"Click on the trip name for a detailed trip description"


Photo by Mike Worland

Crex Meadows Wildlife Area Bird Hike - "trip description coming soon"

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