Fred Alsop, East Tennessee State University
Sara Barker, Cornell Lab of Ornithology
David Buehler, University of Tennessee
Leslie Bulluck, University of Tennessee
Ron Canterbury, Concord College
fffffffffffffffffffffffjJohn Confer, Ithaca Collegejhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Sharon DeFalco, New Jersey Division of Fish & Wildlife
Tim Demmons, Queen's University
Randy Dettmers, US Fish & Wildlife Service
Amanda Dey, New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife
Troy Ettel, New Jersey Audubon
Matthew Etterson, Environmental Protection Agency
Kevin Fraser, Queen's University
Rachel Fraser, Queen's University
Carol Hardy, USDA Forest Service
Chuck Hunter, US Fish & Wildlife Service
Mark Johns, North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission
Katie Kahl, Michigan State University
Nathan Klaus, Georgia Dept. of Natural Resources hjhhhh

Jacob Kubel, Penn State Univesity
Irby Lovette, Cornell University
Karl Martin, Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources
Chris McGrath, North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission
Dennis Miranda, New Jersey
Nora Murdock, National Park Service
Chuck Nicholson, Tennessee Valley Authority
Nancy Parachini, University of Michigan
Laura Patton, University of Kentucky
Andy Paulios, Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative
Lauren Reed, Queen's University
Raleigh Robertson, Queen's University
Ken Rosenberg, Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Reed Rossell, University of North Carolina
Amber Roth, Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute, NorthlandfCollege

Curtis Smalling, Audubon North Carolina
Gordon Warburton, North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission
Keith Watson, US Fish & Wildlife Service
Tom Will, US Fish & Wildlife Service


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