ADDRESS Department of Political Science
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Knoxville, TN 37996 0410
865/974 7050
3911 Woodhill Place
Knoxville,TN 37919
865/523 1061
EDUCATION Ph.D., Indiana University; 1967
M.A., Indiana University; 1965
A.B., Erskine College; 1959
ACADEMIC BACKGROUND Professor, University of Tennessee; 1994
Associate Professor, University of Tennessee; 1972-1994
Assistant Professor, McMaster University; 1967-72
Teacher, Aleppo College, Aleppo, Syria; 1959-62
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Conference chair, National Teaching Public Administration Conference, 2002, 1991.

Managing Editor, Public Performance and Management Review, 2001-

Currently serving on the Editorial boards of the following journals: Administrative Theory and Praxis, Review of Public Personnel Administration, International Journal of Organizational Theory and Behavior

Invited Speaker, Ethics and Organization Conference, Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia, July, 2001.

Invited Keynote speaker, Wisconsin Political Science Association Meeting, Platteville, WI, October, 2000.

Program Chair, SECoPA Annual Meeting, 1997.

Book Review Editor, Public Productivity and Management Review, 1996-2001


Outside Assessor for Tenure and Promotion

2003 Marvin Druker--University of Southern Maine, Karen Evans--Indiana University-Purdue University Northwest, Jerri Killian-Wright State University, Sandra Reinke-Augusta State University, Mary Ann Feldheim-Central Florida University

2002 Jonathan Anderson-University of Alaska, Tom Barth-UNC-Wilmington, Julia Beckett-University of Akron

2001 Kathe Callahan-Rutgers University-Newark, Gail Johnson-Old Dominion University

2000 Patricia Patterson, Florida Atlantic University,

1999 Karen Lindenberg-Western Michigan University

1997 William Tankersley, University of West Florida

1996 Zhiyong Lan, Arizona State University,

1995 Tom Barth, University of Memphis

Other Assessment:

1995 Jamil Jreisat, Professional Excellence Program award program, State of Florida

Fulbright Exchange Scholar Teacher, Yarmouk University, Irbid, Jordan, Spring, 1992.

Speaker, "Management for Natural Resource Development and Environmental Protection" summer program, UT College of Agriculture, 1991 1994, 1996-1998

Archivist, Southeast Conference for Public Administration (SECoPA), 1991- 2003

Director Tennessee Government Executive Institute. Tennessee Department of Personnel, 1983-1990, Project Director, 1991.

Speaker, Hubert Humphrey Fellows Program, University of Tennessee, 1988; 1990; 1991; 1993; 1994, 1995.

Member, Research Advisory Board, Tennessee Department of Youth Development, 1990-93.

Consultant, Organizational Development, City of Kingsport, TN; Nov., 1987 June, 1988.

Faculty exchange, Department of Public Administration, Yarmouk University, Irbid, Jordan; Sept. 1986 Jan. 1987.

Consultant, Tourism Marketing for the City of Gatlinburg, TN; Jan. Mar., 1986.

Director Fast Track Management Training Program. Tennessee Department of Correction, 1983.

Acting Coordinator, Master of Public Administration Program, University of Tennessee. 1981-1983.

Participant, A.I.D. Development Administration Workshop, Washington, June, 1982.

Subcontractor, Community Development Evaluation, HUD grants, Spring 1973 and Summer 1974.

Consultant, Water Pollution and Local Government Study, grant received by Gil Winham from Government of Ontario, 1971.

Reviewer for Journal of Politics and Midwest Journal of Political Science.

Consultant, Capacity Building Project, grant from HEW to TML/IPS; 1975.

Frequent appearances on local television as commentator on the Middle East, Fall and Winter 1990-1991. Occasional appearances since then.


Faculty Public Service Award, University of Tennessee, 2003.

Pugliese Award: Given by the Southeast Conference for Public Administration for dedicated contributions, 1999.

University of Tennessee; Faculty Research Award, Summer, 1995.

Fulbright award for teaching and research at Yarmouk University, Irbid, Jordan; January 1992 June 1992.

Tennessee Government Executive Institute; a $25,000 contract yearly between the Department of Political Science and the Tennessee Department of Personnel, 1983-1990.

University of Tennessee Yarmouk University faculty exchange, 1986-87.

Fast Track Management Training Program; a $15,000 contract with the Tennessee Department of Correction, 1983.

Community Development Study; a $5,000 grant under auspices of UT Institute for Public Service. Awarded in 1974.

Community Development Study; a $10,000 grant under the auspices of UT Institute for Public Service. Awarded in 1972.