The Management of Non-Profit Organizations PS-595, Section #72134.

In Spring, 2004, under the course number PS-595, section #72134 the class Management of Non-Profit Organizations will be offered. As is my overall approach to learning, this class will be experientially-based. Class time will generally be spent in a panel discussion among non-profit leaders during class time, interspersed with discussion. Knoxville is blessed with many outstanding non-profit leaders, and you will have the opportunity to hear some of them.

A class project will involve everyone in working to increase the effectiveness of a non-profit organization. At this point the "innocent's project," which is designed to assist young people who have had an unfortunate encounter with the justice system, is a likely candidate. The class involves some reading assignments, but the readings will be lighter than for the usual graduate class because you will be expected to spend time working with the organization and working to improve its effectiveness. As part of the experiential learning process you will write a weekly reflection in which you think about what you have learned from your experiences and integrate these ideas into a one-page essay.