Instructions for applying for the Tennessee Legislative Internship (2005)

SUBJECT: 2005 Tennessee Legislative Internship Program

Enclosed you will find the following materials for your information and use in preparing for the 2005 Tennessee Legislative Internship Program:

1. A copy of "Background Information for Faculty Representatives, -2004-2005."

2. A copy of "Procedural Instructions for Faculty Representatives, 2004-2005

3. A supply of announcements for the 2005 program, to be distributed as appropriate. The announcements should be displayed in prominent areas on your campus and you may wish to use them as informational handouts to interested students. Your name, campus address, and telephone number should be listed at the bottom of these announcements before any of them are circulated.

4. A supply of application forms for the internship positions.

5. A supply of "Intern Appraisal Questionnaires," of which two completed forms are required to be furnished to you by each applicant. (Please consult the procedural instructions for specific requirements regarding these questionnaires. Your name, campus address, and telephone number should be listed at the end of each form for the convenience of your colleagues.

6. A listing of enrollment figures of participating institutions and the number of nominations you are entitled to make based on your school's enrollment.

7. A copy of the statutory authority for the program -- Part 6 of Chapter 50 of Title 49, Tennessee Code Annotated.


Please use current procedures and forms and discard any materials that may be dated or supersede by the aforementioned documents!

Please emphasize to your students that they must be registered voters of Tennessee to serve as legislative interns and that no regularly scheduled classes may be attended during the appointment period.

**** Also enclosed is a copy of the Uniform Policies Governing the Conduct of Legislative Interns. Each nomination for the program should be accompanied by the nominee's written acknowledgment, page 2 of the aforementioned documents, that he or she has read, understands and agrees to abide by the policies of the General Assembly if he or she is selected for the program.

The Academic Intern Committee would like for all legislative interns to have a working knowledge of American government and some basic preparation for their study of the Tennessee General Assembly. The Committee recommends that administrators of both "state" and "private" intern programs be encouraged to incorporate appropriate reading materials, including The Tennessee Blue Book published by the Secretary of State's office. The Tennessee Blue Book can be found online at The Tennessee Web Page may also be useful for students to look over in preparation for their internship. The address is

We are pleased to offer this quality program of educational opportunity to your students and we look forward to hearing from you and receiving your nominations. If you have any questions or need more materials, please write to me at G-11 War Memorial Building, Nashville, Tennessee 37243-0100, or call me at (615) 741-3299. For your convenience, a schedule for the coming year follows:


October 15, 2004 - Deadline for nominations to be received in Nashville from faculty representatives.

November 4th and 5th, 2004 - Academic Intern Committee will interview finalists.

January 10, 2005 - Interns will report for orientation.

January 11, 2005 - 104th General Assembly convenes at Noon.

You might also download the required files here:

Application for the Tennessee Legislative Internship Program
A supply of announcements for the 2005 program
Procedural Instructions for Faculty Representatives
Intern Appraisal Questionnaires
Uniform Policies