Welcome to my web space!! You will find information about me, the classes that I currently teach, the new edition of the book that I authored with Kathleen Puckett (Arizona State) targeted at the core technology course for students seeking teacher licensure, an instructional planning module that I developed with funding from the Innovative Technology Center at the University of Tennessee, and most recently two graduate educational technology courses that will be offered in 2013 !! Contact me if I can answer your questions. Enjoy your visit!!


Information about my education, professional experience, current teaching responsibilities, professional associations memberships, publications, funded grants and professional presentations.

Course Information
Course syllabi that include faculty information, course description, course objectives, course materials, assignments/projects, course policies and educational resources that will assist learning.

TPTE 486 : Fall 2014

TPTE 586: Summer 2014

TPTE 595:Summer 2014

Integrating Technology into the K-12 Curriculum

Web 2.0: Classroom Applications

Classroom Applications for Mobile Learning

Preparing to Use Technology: A Practical Guide to Curriculum Integration, 2e Preparing to Use Technology: A Practical Guide to Curriculum Integration, Second Edition is the new edition to a book that I developed with Kathleen Puckett, Special Education faculty at Arizona State West. We encourage you to preview the text and new companion website and consider using our text in preparing teachers to integrate technology into the curriculum. Please contact your Allyn and Bacon representative for a desk copy and information regarding upcoming revisions.

Planning for Instruction Planning for Instruction is an online module developed to assist teachers in planning instruction. The module includes information brief information about unit plans and more in depth information about lesson plans, instructional objectives, instructional methods and an interactive practice for writing objectives.This module was funded by the Innovative Technology Center, University of Tennessee.

BCA Workshop This workshop was conducted at BCA in February and acts as a resource for those teachers.

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