Formed in 1908, the Association for Creative Zoology is dedicated to understanding the beauty
and complexity of God’s creation. In his infinite wisdom, he is the primary force in the formation
of all things. God created the atoms which are the building blocks of his creation. His agency set
them into motion in order to carry out his design. We can see his hand in the flora and fauna, as
well as the earth, and its many landforms composed of rocks and minerals. He is the Almighty,
the artist whose design principles are reflected in the unity and variety of all things in our
infinite universe.

The Bible states “In the Beginning, God Created heaven and the earth” and “the earth was
without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God
moved upon the face of the waters” (Genesis 1:1-2). God’s creative presence is continuing,
and ongoing throughout the history of existence. His presence explains the development of
new kinds of flora and fauna that have appeared successively in the fossil record. We can also
see our Creator’s handiwork in the ways that individual species are “organized energy,” a
life-force that guides the development of tissues and also determines the lifespan of the
individual and of the species. We can also see his design and organization in the mutual
relationships between the various species.

The creation is far too complex and beautiful to result from a random process of natural selection.
The Association for Creative Zoology posits that species variation has resulted from the direct
hand of our God, who not only creates flora and fauna whole-cloth, but uses previously existing
creative works as the building blocks for creating new species. This explains the common
attributes of many plants and animals and is reflected in the principle of zoomorphic juncture.

Homer and Hesiod reported the existence of chimera in the ancient world and the archaeological
and fossil record is replete with examples of zoomorphic juncture.  Among these are the Winged
Bull of Assyria, the Persian Dragon Azhi Dahaka, and Yali from India. Additionally, the Bible also
makes reference to dragons in the books of Job, Isaiah and Psalm 148. These prints, published
in cooperation with the Hokes Archives offer further evidence for creative zoology.

The Association for Creative Zoology was founded by Revend James Randolph Denton. In the
early 20th century Denton recruited Everitt Ormsby Hokes to publish lithographs advancing the
work of the Association.

CLICK HERE to view a gallery of images from this project. In 2010 The Association for Creative
Zoology was represented at the John Scopes Trial Festival in Dayton, Tennessee (in July) and in
the Jefferson Garden of the American Philosophical Society in Philadelphia, Pennsylavania.
for photos of these events. CLICK HERE for a review of the project in Artbog by
Andrea Kirsch.

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Beauvais Lyons was one of three artists in the exhibition "Darwin's Dreams: The Roots of
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