The Joint Institute for Heavy Ion Research

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The Joint Institute for Heavy Ion Research is a collaborative endeavor between the University of Tennessee, Vanderbilt University, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). A large share of its funding comes from the State of Tennessee through the Science Alliance Center of Excellence at the University of Tennessee. The remainder is provided by Vanderbilt University, the Department of Energy, and ORNL. The mission of the Joint Institute, as defined in its agreement between the three sponsoring institutes, is

This is done is three ways: 1) support of workshops and meetings, 2) support of guests, and 3) operation of a dormitory facility. The Joint Institute is housed in two buildings which are adjacent to the Holifield Radioactive Ion-Beam Facility (HRIBF) at ORNL. One of these is a dormitory/office building offering free lodging primarily to HRIBF users while running experiments and to other JIHIR short-term visitors when all rooms are not needed for the currently- running experiments. The other provides office space for visitors and employees of the JIHIR, and two conference rooms which can be utilized for specialized workshops and conferences. Full or partial support is provided to approximately 60 guests each year. During the last five years we have had visitors from 22 states and 19 foreign countries. A distribution of these guests is available. Visits vary in length from a few days up to a full year. A primary effort is in the area of nuclear structure theory in support of the experimental program at HRIBF. Other guests have been utilized in the development of the experimental program to be advanced by the HRIBF and other RIB facilities. Thirdly, guests to provide direction and support in the development of the accelerator facility and the experimental devices needed for the planned program have been included in recent years. Information is available on the current JIHIR visitors and those planning visits in the near future.

Many specialized workshops related to the program at the Holifield Facility are sponsored by the Joint Institute. In addition about 15 International Conferences and Symposia have been sponsored over the 12-yr. history of the institute. Many of the symposia have been devoted to discussion of nuclear structure and models to characterize nuclei. Also, conferences related to new and emerging experimental developments in nuclear physics have been sponsored.

The JIHIR dormitory provides lodging for about 300 guests per year for average stays of about 6 nights. You may correspond with the JIHIR at the address given below or via email to lamb@mail.phy.ornl.gov .

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