Field School Images: Indian Camp 2014

Daniel Brock screening in foreground Sean Bookout and Barbara Heath excavating FT390 in background FT390 (foreground) and FT388) close of B with Daniel Brock pointing to one burned feature facing north 5_29_2014 Sean Bookout (shot facing west) removing plowzone Barbara Heath and Daniel Brock excavating chimney feature facing northwest 6_12_14

Cody Lawson and Meagan Dennison trowelling FT384 base of B looking east 5_21_2014 Dan Brock and Sean Bookout sectioning post holes in FT366 and FT388 looking west 6_19_14 Daniel Brock and Cody Lawson excavating FT394 facing north Daniel Brock Sean Bookout and Samantha Galloway screening at 44PO157 looking south

Frenchs Tavern fenceline with FT448 in forground and FT449 at end of row FT366 367 388 390 391 392 393 359 365 close B looking north FT377 profile C_D_E_F_G facing north Sam Galloway and Cody Lawson asking Meagan Dennison to ID a bone from the chimney foundation

FT390_391_392_393 base of B looking south 6_4_14 with Lana Ilas FT394 H Sam Galloway excavating facing north FT395 D and E facing east Daniel Brock Samantha Galloway and Meagan Dennison sorting artifacts

FT442 G and H profile facing east Sam Galloway and Lana Ilas cleaning features in FT441_442  facing northwest FT394 close of G and J looking west FT394 close of G and J looking south