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Ben Fitzpatrick, PI 
volutionary ecology of interactions within and between genomes   My major interests are in the genetics and biogeography of speciation and the evolution of symbiosis. Much of my work has addressed the evolutionary and conservation implications of hybridization. These remain important themes as I expand my research program to include host-symbiont interactions in hybrid zones.
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Evin Carter PhD Student
I take an integrative approach to the development of conservation management guidelines for amphibians and reptiles while placing particular emphasis on understanding and mitigating the consequences of introduced species and other anthropogenic impacts.  I often work at the interface of application and theory, with the former being the principle theme.  Current questions center on selection-dispersal, invasion success, and reproductive trade-offs, especially as they relate to hybrid invasions.

Joel Corush PhD Student
Evolutionary and conservation genetics, with an emphasis on fish and invasive species

Cassie Dresser PhD Student
Conservation genetics of Bog Turtles, especially issues raised by captive breeding, head-starting, and reintroduction.

Alex Edwards PhD Student
Evolutionary ecology of microbes associated with fish slime.

Zach Marion  
Ph.D. Student
I combine analytical chemistry with field and laboratory-based ecological and evolutionary methods to address questions relating to the population biology of animals and the evolution of their chemical antipredator defenses. Previous work has focused on eastern newts but I am now delving into the world of fireflies (lampyrid beetles).

Christopher Peterson MS Student
Evolutionary ecology of anoles on Grand Cayman.

Todd Pierson PhD Student
Using genetic and genomic methods to study the ecology and evolution of amphibians, focusing on current and historic hybridization in Appalachian plethodontid salamanders. See my personal website.

Jacob Wessels Undergraduate Student
Ecology of invasive Mediterranean Geckos.


Dylan Dittrich-Reed: PhD 2013, Currently on the faculty at Clemson
Amanda Allison: MS 2012, Currently teaching high school science
R. Graham Reynolds: PhD 2011, Currently a postdoc at Harvard
Matt Niemiller: PhD 2011, Currently a postdoc at U Kentucky
Megan Todd-Thompson: MS 2010
Jason R. Jones: MS 2009

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