Burton C. English      

Knoxville, Tennessee
United States

Welcome to my home page! For those who don't know me well, let me take a moment to introduce myself. I have a PhD in Agricultural Economics and work as a professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics and Business at The Universty of Tennessee.  As part of my work responsibilities, I teach several different classes each year and attempt to maintain a rich and varied research program.  Additional information can be found in my Vita which has been placed on the Web for your viewing pleasure.

My wife, Beth, and I have a family of four children -- Iva, Marla, Evan, and Eldon.  Each of the children play soccer, attend public schools, and have extremely varied interests.  I enjoy science fiction (Star Trak, Star Wars, Voyoger, Babylon 5, Star Trak, the Next Generation, etc.).  In addition, I enjoy westerns and John Greshem books.

I've used computers since 1972 where I used punch cards while learning to make linear programming models and explore mapping routines.  All computing was done through Mainframe computing.  The idea of a desktop computer was unheard of.  In 1979, a decwriter appeared in the office next to mine and terminals shortly after.  The PC was on my desk in 1982.  Since then, I have had one both at the office and in my home.  I have found that keeping them up to date so that I can maximize my efficiency has been my greatest challenge.

From this page, I provide links to my research, my teaching, the Graduate Program and other areas of interest.  In the research area, summaries of research I have completed along with descriptions of ungoing research are provided.  My syllabi are available for the courses that I am currently involved teaching Ag. Econ 412 -- Agricultural Finance, Ag. Econ. 430 -- Agricultural Policy Analysis, and Ag. Econ 525   Agribusiness Operation Research Methods.



Book --   Crop and Livestock Technologies   Agricultural Economics 412 Agricultural Finance
Book -- Evaluating Natural Resources in Agriculture   Agricultural Economics 430 Agricultural Policy
Tennessee Agri-Industry Model (TNAIM) Agricultural Economics 525  Operations Research
Production Economics Research Teaching Philosophy
Natural Resource Conservation Service Current Graduate Students
Biomass for Energy Case Studies

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