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4577Plasmid Isolation Kit25 columns Consumable2018-06-06Middle of the Lab
4578DNA25 Consumable2018-06-06Middle of the Lab
4579DNA250 x 2 Consumable2018-06-08
4740Chemical5 g2019-06-03Overhead Chemical Cabinet
4823 2020-01-30
4824 2020-01-30
3780DNA - Primers A1CYT (TOC75) FORWARD PRIMER500 ng/uL uL2007-04-23Chest Freezer
2268Chemical Bovine ALBUMIN, FRACTION V100 gm0000-00-00Deli Fridge
3815DNA - Primers P3-EVNP-REVERSE PRIMER500 ng/uL uL2008-08-28Chest Freezer
4752 Rabbit polyclonal antibody against Lhcb1150 ug2019-08-13
4751Antibody Rabbit polyclonal antibody against Lhcb3150 ug2019-08-13
4355Chemical SMA (Styrene maleic acid) 1000 HNA453 g2015-10-13Floor Level Chemical Cabinet
4681Chemical Vanillin, 99% 100 g2019-02-14Overhead Chemical Cabinet
5035Cells-HpsaL + HispsaH2.45 g2016-06-17Buffy
2256Chemical(1R)-(-)-10 CAMPHORSULFONIC ACIDToxic Corrosive 25 gmDeli Fridge*
2254Chemical(1S)-(+)-10-CAMPHOR-SULFONIC ACIDToxic Corrosive 25 gmDeli Fridge*
4092Chemical(DCPIP) 2,6-Dichlorophenolindophenol sodium salt hydrate 5 g2012-03-27Overhead Chemical Cabinet
3448[Thi5,8, D-Phe7]-BRADYKININ Acetate Salt0.1 mg2009-04-20Upright Freezer - Beta
3131Consumables0.2ml thin-walled PCR tubes with domed caps1000 Tubes2008-11-12Chemical room
3702Reagent - Electrophoresis1 kb DNA Ladder200 uL2010-01-21Upright Freezer
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