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1195ChemicalPHENOL (LIQUIFIED)500 gmSolvent Hood*
1196ChemicalBUTYL ALCOHOL500 mlA*
1197ChemicalFORMALDEHYDE500 mlsolvent Hood*
1198ChemicalISOPENTYL ALCOHOL500 mlSolvent Hood*
1199ChemicalETHANOL500 mlSolvent Hood*
1200ChemicalPHENOL (SATURATE)400 mlSolvent Hood*
1201ChemicalFORMALDEHYDE500 mlSolvent Hood*
1202ChemicalN,N - DIMETHYLFORMAMIDE500 mlSolvent Hood*
1203ChemicalPHENOL (LIQUIFIED)500 gmSolvent Hood*
1204ChemicalFORMALDEHYDE1 LSolvent Hood*
1205ChemicalBUTANOL (TERTIARY)1 LSolvent Hood*
1206ChemicalMETHYL SULFOXIDE1 LSolvent Hood*
1208Chemical2,2,2-TRIFLUOROETHANOL25 mlSolvent Hood
1209ChemicalPHENOL500 gmSolvent Hood*
1212ChemicalTETRAHYDROFURAN1 LSolvent Hood*
1213ChemicalCHLOROFORM4 LSolvent Hood*
1214ChemicalCHLOROFORM4 LSolvent Hood*
1215ChemicalCHLOROFORM4 LSolvent Hood*
1217ChemicalETHYL ACETATE500 mlSolvent Hood*
1218ChemicalISOBUTANOL~300 mlSolvent Hood*
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