Osteometric Variation Analysis Lab
PI – Dr. Benjamin M. Auerbach

This laboratory, located at 320-321 South Stadium Hall, is designed to allow morphological researchers to capture metric data from skeletal remains using portable, precise equipment. Skeletal remains from the extensive departmental collections are available for non-destructive data collection. These collections include archaeologically-derived human and animal remains and skeletons from the William M. Bass Donated Collection. In addition, the department’s unique skeletal collection of pedigreed small primates (tamarins) is curated in the OVAL.

To Access the skeletal collections, you will need to contact Dr. Auerbach (for archaeological collections or the small primate collection) or contact Dr. Dawnie Steadman (for the Bass Donated Collection).

Equipment housed in the laboratory includes:
  • G2X Immersion, Inc. microscribe
  • NextEngine Desktop HD three-dimensional scanner
  • Aribex Nomad portable X-ray emitter and digital sensor for use with bone
  • portable field osteometric boards
  • standard and digital calipers
  • computer workstations for use in data acquisition and analysis
Both Dr. Auerbach and Anthropology Department graduate students have ongoing projects utilitzing the resources of the OVAL. Read more about Dr. Auerbach’s ongoing research on the Research Page. Students use the laboratory for training, for small projects, and in conducting pilot studies as part of their masters and doctoral research.

Access is granted by permission of Dr. Auerbach. Research space is limited, but researchers are welcome!

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