599 HEP/Astro

Prepare a 30 minute talk (typically about 15 slides) on some recent topic in Astronomy or High-energy physics. It should be based on a result in a refereed publication in a Astro or HEP journal over the past 10 years, e.g. from Phys. Rev. D or Astrophys. J will work.

While the talk must be based on a result, you should make sure to give enough introductory material so that the result is understandable by the other graduate students. You will likely need to consult additional references in order to help you design your talk. You may find the review journals (Rev. Mod. Phys., Ann. Rev. Astron. and Astrophys., etc.) useful, Your talk cannot be entirely introductory - it must present a recent result. You should be able to state who computed the result, when, and what the significance of the result is (or was). Feel free to stop by my office or set up an appointment to discuss your talk.

I have reserved the last couple of weeks in the semester for student talks, but you are free to give your talk at any time during the semester (unless that week has already been taken by someone else).

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