Todo List
Class o2scl::boson_eff
Improve documentation
Class o2scl::boson_rel
Testing not completely finished.
Class o2scl::fermion_deriv_rel

This needs to be corrected to calculate $ \sqrt{k^2+m^{* 2}}-m $ gracefully when $ m^{*}\approx m \ll k $ .

Call error handler if inc_rest_mass is true or update to properly treat the case when inc_rest_mass is true.

err_nonconv=false not implemented yet.

Class o2scl::fermion_eff
Fix higher densities in fermion_eff_ts.cpp.
Member o2scl::fermion_eff::calc_mu (fermion &f, double temper)
Should see if the function actually works if $ (\mu-m)/T = -199 $ .
Class o2scl::fermion_mag_zerot
Comment on Gaussian vs. Heaviside-Lorentz units.
Class o2scl::fermion_nonrel

Implement o2scl::fermion_nonrel::pair_density() and o2scl::fermion_nonrel::pair_mu().

Make sure to test with non-interacting equal to true or false, and document whether or not it works with both inc_rest_mass equal to true or false

Class o2scl::nucmass_ame_exp
The function nucmass_ame::get_nentries() doesn't work for this child class.
Class o2scl::nucmass_dz_fit

This appears to be limited for large nuclei because 'i' becomes larger than imax and then statements like noc[i][j]=moc-ju and noc[i+1][j]=ju become invalid. This needs to be more carefully understood and documented. For now, is_included() just arbitrarily chooses 240 as a maximum for N and Z.

Document each field.

Class o2scl::nucmass_dz_fit_33
Document each field.
Member o2scl::nucmass_fit::eval_isospin_beta (nucmass &n, ubvector_int &n_qual, ubvector &qual, int max_iso=20)
More documentation and compute uncertainty
Class o2scl::nucmass_frdm

Fix pairing energy and double vs. int

Document drip_binding_energy(), etc.

Decide on number of fit parameters (10 or 12?) or let the user decide

Document the protected variables

Set the neutron and proton masses and hbarc to Moller et al.'s values

Class o2scl::nucmass_hfb

Mg40 is present in some tables but not others. Compare hfb14-plain with hfb14-plain_v0. This may be related to the fact that the mass excess of Mg40 differs significantly between the 2003 and 2013 Audi et al. tables?

Update to include hfb17.

Class o2scl::nucmass_sdnp
Class o2scl::nucmass_wlw
Member o2scl_hdf::hfb_load (o2scl::nucmass_hfb &hfb, size_t model=14, std::string dir="")
Switch to the same 'external' file mechanism used in hdf_eos_io.h.
Member o2scl_hdf::hfb_sp_load (o2scl::nucmass_hfb_sp &hfb, size_t model=21, std::string dir="")
Switch to the same 'external' file mechanism used in hdf_eos_io.h.
Member o2scl_hdf::mnmsk_load (o2scl::nucmass_mnmsk &mnmsk, std::string dir="")
Switch to the same 'external' file mechanism used in hdf_eos_io.h.

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