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o2scl::nucmass_mnmsk::entry Struct Reference

Entry structure for Moller, et al. masses. More...

#include <nucmass_frdm.h>

Public Attributes

int N
 Neutron number.
int Z
 Proton number.
int A
 Atomic number.
double Emic
 The ground-state microscopic energy.
double Mth
 The theoretical mass excess (in MeV)
double Mexp
 The experimental mass excess (in MeV)
double sigmaexp
 Experimental mass excess error.
double EmicFL
 The ground-state microscopic energy in the FRLDM.
double MthFL
 The theoretical mass excess in the FRLDM.
char spinp [6]
 Spin and pairity of odd proton.
char spinn [6]
 Spin and pairity of odd neutron.
double gapp
 Lipkin-Nogami proton gap.
double gapn
 Lipkin-Nogami neutron gap.
double be
 Total binding energy.
double S1n
 One neutron separation energy.
double S2n
 Two neutron separation energy.
double PA
 Percentage of daughters generated in beta decay after beta-delayed neutron emission.
double PAm1
double PAm2
double Qbeta
 Energy released in beta-decay.
double Tbeta
 Half-life w.r.t. GT beta-decay.
double S1p
 One proton separation energy.
double S2p
 Two proton separation energy.
double Qalpha
 Energy released in alpha-decay.
double Talpha
 Half-life w.r.t. alpha-decay.
Ground state deformations (perturbed-spheroid parameterization)
double eps2
double eps3
double eps4
double eps6
double eps6sym
 Hexacontatetrapole without mass asymmetry.
Ground state deformations in the spherical-harmonics expansion
double beta2
double beta3
double beta4
double beta6

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