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o2scl::nucmass_hfb_sp::entry Struct Reference

Version of nucmass_hfb::entry with spin and parity. More...

#include <nucmass_hfb.h>

Public Attributes

int N
 Neutron number.
int Z
 Proton number.
int A
 Atomic number.
double bet2
 Beta 2 deformation.
double bet4
 Beta 4 deformation.
double Rch
 RMS charge radius.
double def_wig
 Deformation and Wigner energies.
double Sn
 Neutron separation energy.
double Sp
 Proton separation energy.
double Qbet
 Beta-decay energy.
double Mcal
 Calculated mass excess.
double Err
 Error between experimental and calculated mass excess.
double Jexp
 Experimental spin.
double Jth
 Theoretical spin.
int Pexp
 Experimental parity.
int Pth
 Theoretical parity.

Detailed Description

This cannot be a child of nucmass_hfb::entry in order for the HDF I/O preprocessor macros, like HOFFSET, to work

Definition at line 172 of file nucmass_hfb.h.

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