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o2scl::nucmass_ame::entry Struct Reference

Atomic mass entry structure. More...

#include <nucmass_ame.h>

Public Attributes

int NMZ
int N
 Neutron number.
int Z
 Proton number.
int A
 Mass number.
char el [4]
 Element name.
char orig [5]
 Data origin.
double mass
 Mass excess (in keV)
double dmass
 Mass excess uncertainty (in keV)
int mass_acc
 Mass accuracy flag.
double be
 Binding energy (in keV, given in the '95 data)
double dbe
 Binding energy uncertainty (in keV, given in the '95 data)
int be_acc
 Binding energy accuracy flag.
double beoa
 Binding energy / A (in keV, given in the '03 data)
double dbeoa
 Binding energy / A uncertainty (in keV, given in the '03 data)
int beoa_acc
 Binding energy / A accuracy flag.
char bdmode [3]
 Beta decay mode.
double bde
 Beta-decay energy (in keV)
double dbde
 Beta-decay energy uncertainty (in keV)
int bde_acc
 Beta-decay energy accuracy flag.
int A2
 Mass number (reported twice in original table)
double amass
 Atomic mass (in keV)
double damass
 Atomic mass uncertainty (in keV)
int amass_acc
 Atomic mass accuracy flag.

Detailed Description

Atomic mass entry data object for o2scl::nucmass_ame.

This has to be a struct, not a class, so that it can be processed by the HDF5 make table functions.

Definition at line 155 of file nucmass_ame.h.

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